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    There are some great named mobs that are ethereal in HoM and other areas of the realm. I thought it would be a good idea if there was a quest to recorporalize/recorporate one of these mobs and have a bag made from it's hide. I was thinking a combination of a scavenger hunt for a specific set of items (ingredients for a spell or somesuch) and a bardic-style performance. Maybe make it a multiple-day long quest. A bag woven of the trapped ghost of Cron'tor, or some-such thing.

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    The mobs that are in the Hall of Memory are oftentimes based on actual characters.
    I would be adverse to those particular mobs being made into bags, because of the trophy aspect.
    However, other, non-corporeal mobs, I'd be game to do this with, subject to Tynian and the area-writer's approval, if the selected mob is similarly based on someone.

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