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    Default 2018 Halloween Events

    I will be hosting a couple different events for Halloween:

    1) A Costume Contest:
    As is traditional, there will be a Halloween Costume Contest! This costume should be described in your character description or in a Note.
    ** In the past, note entries haven't been allowed, however, we're going to try it this year, so that folks in different time zones can participate**
    Additional Points will be given for using existing objects found on the mud in your costume.

    Specific Categories include:
    * Most Horrifying/Scariest Costume
    * Best Interpretation of an Existing Mob
    * Most Humorous Costume

    LIVE JUDGING will occur from 9pm CST - midnight CST, and throughout the day if possible (Please note, that's Central Standard Time, which is 2 hours behind mud time. If I am judging during the day, please be patient as I'm also working.)
    Winners will be announced via note.
    Prizes will include restrings (based on your costume) and gold!

    2) A Writing Contest:
    You have until ** MIDNIGHT CENTRAL STANDARD TIME ON OCTOBER 31ST ***to submit your entries. Entries should be emailed to me at CORDIR@TFCMUD.COM. They will then be posted to the Immortal Forums with no author attribution (for blind judging) and voted on. The winner will be announced on or before November 3rd.

    Size: Minimum of 500 words.
    Topic: Any of these: Fear / Loss / Death / Mourning
    Participation: Only one entry per *character*. You must state which character each submission belongs to.

    Spelling and grammar are important and will affect your score.

    Entries will be posted to the wiki.

    1st place: 500,000 gold and a 2 Quest Point voucher, and a restring of my design, inspired by your writing.
    2nd place: 250,000 gold and a 1 Quest Point voucher, and a restring of my design, inspired by your writing.
    3rd place: 150,000 gold, and a restring of my design, inspired by your writing.

    3) A Kill-The-Grumpkins Quest!
    There's some scary creatures out and about, trying to STEAL ALL THE CANDY! (no, it's name isn't Harland). Each has a special token. Whomever turns in the most tokens, wins. This will launch (hopefully) this evening, and will run through Saturday, November 3, at noon system time. You may turn in your tokens at any time, however, whenever you turn in, your score is recorded and may not be added to. If you want to turn in and can't see me, send an email to requesting turn in and if I can (and am awake), I will accommodate. I will be online each day this week and a couple of evenings, and Saturday.

    1st place: 500,000 gold and a 2 Quest Point voucher and a restring voucher.
    2nd place: 250,000 gold and a 1 Quest Point voucher, and a restring voucher.
    3rd place: 150,000 gold, and a restring voucher.

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    The Costume Contest received no entries.

    The Writing Contest had one entry: the winner is Totec.

    The Grumpkin quest ended at noon system time, on Saturday the 3rd. The scores were:

    1st Place: Valkur / 355 Bats + 10 Frankenbats = 455
    2nd Place: Uthmar: / 88 bats + 3 Frankenbats = 118
    3rd Place: Wulfe / 34 bats + 2 Frankenbats = 54
    4th Place: Lishay / 39 bats + 1 Frankenbat = 49
    5th Place: Raage: 38 bats
    6th Place: Nicholai / 21 bats + 1 Frankenbat = 31
    7th Place: Peregrin / 9 bats

    Bats were worth 1 point, Frankenbats were worth 10.

    All competitors, please see me. 1st - 3rd place win prizes, all participants below 1-3 win a participation token.

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    Default Rainbow Unicorn Pillow Pet

    The Rainbow Unicorn Pillow Pet

    In the days before Halloween, there were murmurs throughout the village of EmDeeVille -
    Lexie had once and for all lost her damn mind. She worked endlessly and *silently* in
    a corner of Ruby's bakery. Charts and maps filled the walls behind her. It mattered
    not who came to visit her, to knock some sense into her, she was steadfast in her goal
    to create a most ridiculous costume expecting a most ridiculous outcome. The villagers
    whispered amongst themselves, "a rainbow unicorn?" Others exclaimed, "a pillow PET?"
    Ruby just snorted, "Ain't no pet of no pillow in any color under the sun going to cause Lady
    CORDIR to hug our Lexie! I'd bet my store on it ... If Belsambar didn't already own a majority share."

    Yet, nothing stopped her the week before Halloween. Lexie searched high and low for an intact unicorn horn. All
    she could find were the pinches in that ghost's hands, but she made do. A glorious duct-taped unicorn horn she
    created! She found rainbow amulets and bracelets, and Lishay was kind enough to find a rainbow potion. An actual
    rainbow potion! Things were looking up now, the hug was just a few days away. The pet chow was simple enough but

    Wow, she really hated that bird town as she traipsed through the muck and guck. Oh, but there were cushions.
    PILES of cushions! Lexie found many cushions the day before Halloween. Lexie finally could sleep peacefully.
    At last, it was Halloween morning. Lexie awoke with the sun streaming in, bathing her room in glorious yellow and
    orange hues. "Acheeeewwww!" WHAT WAS THAT?! Did Lexie actually sneeze? Did Lexie actually really sneeze - not a
    fake one? Doc Shye rushed in and did a full work-up. As surprised as he was, as Ruby was, Lexie was indeed SICK.

    For real. No Halloween for you, was the doctor's orders. "What! But I have my costume! I have my story! I have
    ...." Ruby thanked the doctor for the injection, she couldn't bear to hear Lexie for even a moment longer.

    When Lexie awoke sometime later, her door was locked. As she peered out of the rusty, germ-infested peephole,
    there were GUARDS? Who does that?! "I demand to know why am I locked in here?! Why are there guards!" Ruby
    stood outside, a mask over her face, and explained that the tuberculosis tests were pending and until they were
    confirmed or denied, everyone was in quarantine.

    "Tuberculosis?! Gods, if anything I expected EbolaMRSASwineflu. This is nonsense! This is how people keep me
    from participating in a quest," Lexie pondered. Lexie tempered and tantrumed. She sneaked peeks out of the gross
    peephole and the guards were unfazed. Lexie thought to herself, "I need my pillow to complete my outfit. I need
    it to be Halloween! Ugh, I will make my costume and walk out of this germ-infested hole spewing rainbows and
    unicorns. I will curtsey before Lady Cordir and she will be so entranced, she will HUG ME!"

    Finally, it seemed like days later, Shye walked in, without a mask. "Well, Lexie, it looks like it's just a cold. You're free to go."
    Well, if it wasn't the day after the day after the day after the day after Halloween, I wouldn't be so upset! NO matter, I'm off
    to Cordir, in all my shining glory.

    Cordir! You WILL hug my rainbow unicorn pillow pet self!

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    ... you are not the boss of me.

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    Default Lexie's 2018 Halloween Costume

    I realized I didn't post my costume here, it was on the Notes on TFC. So here you go! Now you will understand why I *deserve* that hug from Cordir!

    A petite woman stands before you, a pile of multi-colored cushions tied
    haphazardly around her body, a few straggly blonde locks cascading here
    and there. Her dark blue eyes scan the horizon, as she searches for something,
    or rather, some pet chow.

    Is it a 'someone' she hopes to see? You have heard stories about her ...
    She obsesses over a hug from Cordir. She only trusts those wearing
    "rainbow" items. Some trust her with their lives. Others give word of
    extreme caution.

    She turns to you, and smiles brightly. You feel like a fly ensnared in a web
    of rainbows. And unicorns.

    Lexie is in perfect health.

    Lexie is using:
    <used as light> (Glowing) the eternal love of her Precious
    <worn on finger> (Artifact magic) a simple ring
    <worn on finger> (Artifact magic) a simple ring
    <worn around neck> (Moderate magic) a rainbow hematite amulet
    <worn around neck> (Moderate magic) a rainbow turquoise amulet
    <worn on body> a pile of cushions
    <worn on head> a pinch of ground unicorn horn duct-taped to her forehead
    <worn on legs> (Moderate magic) The Emerald Leggings
    <worn on feet> (Powerful magic) pink Mary Janes with a blood-spattered bow
    <worn on hands> (Moderate magic) a pair of heavy cloth rainbow-trimmed gloves
    <worn on arms> (Moderate magic) leather pauldrons signed by Lord Sirak
    <worn about body> (Moderate magic) a quilted cloth rainbow-trimmed coat
    <worn about waist> (Artifact magic) a belt of bloodied briars
    <worn on wrist> (Moderate magic) a rainbow iron bracelet
    <worn on wrist> (Moderate magic) a rainbow titanium bracelet
    <wielded> the big fluffy pillow of the Arch Lich's Black Conclave
    <held> a sack of pet chow
    <worn with pride> the Ebon Sigil Odegra
    <worn with pride> the Ebon Sigil Odegra

    P.S. OK HELLO...why doesn't the SPACE key work between items worn and the spots they're worn in?!
    Last edited by Cordir; November 12th, 2018 at 09:27 AM.

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    1) No.
    2) You're not using a fixed-space font.

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