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Thread: Earn trains through XP

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    Default Earn trains through XP

    Award a train (and maybe a couple pracs) at certain XP intervals, as is currently done with HPs and mana. For example, a train could be awarded every 500,000 or even every 1,000,000 XP after a certain threshold (maybe after 2,000,000 XP).

    Updside: Encourages active gameplay by known characters with existing relationships.

    Downside: Discourages the practice of starting new characters in the hope of getting one with maximum stats across the board.

    [I would rather play Mael than some schmo new guy.]

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    I support this or any way in which a train could be obtained after maxing levels. Either from xp gain or through purchasing with extra, unusable practices.

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    For TL;DR see the last paragraph.

    Agreed. Not having MAX stats feels like an arbitrary (and permanent) punishment these days more so than having MAX stats feels like a reward. MAX across the board is the new standard given the availability of leveling gear, understanding of the implications, and rate of earning trains. I have leveled many characters since there were changes to stats and have been able to get MAX across the board on every one of them (5+). Some were MAX as early as level 15/15. This is important to me because it matters these days. If my new character looks like it isn't going to be able to get to MAX I ditch the character and start over again.

    In contrast, older characters leveled at a time when conditions were drastically different and settled for some (many) stats being low because they didn't matter. I have old characters that I really like, but most aren't viable because their stats are so poor. I won't play them because the amount of gear necessary to be competitive is just not realistic.

    It's not hard for me to get MAX stats because I know what I'm doing, but for new players this is a very big issue. Many years ago we were all new players and this issue was primarily HP/MA gains. If a character didn't level with INT/CON/WIS they were quickly crippled with a magnified effect at max level. I can't even count the number of players that I've talked to that had to stop playing their first character because of issues like this, which is unfortunate because we are often emotionally invested in our first character. A while back HP/MA were standardized and I think that was an amazing change. It didn't unbalance anything, but rather balanced incredibly well. I don't think there's a single person that doesn't love the change. It just makes sense. However, as people excitedly logged in old characters to play them again the new issue became pretty obvious pretty quickly: you can't have those HP/MA unless you wear enough EQ to max your INT/CON. You also now have to max STR and DEX, and these stats are no longer class-specific, but rather 25 across the board for everything. This means that it takes a ton of equipment to get up to the baseline. Then you've got to worry about DMG/DA/SVS/HIT. Some of my characters need to wear nearly 20 stat points more than a character with MAX across the board. That's pretty big.

    Admittedly, EQ is much more powerful these days so that helps quite a bit. You can get a respectable set of EQ fairly easily now and that's really nice. However, the real issue is simply that old characters can't compete with new characters. You're still better off as a new character with higher stats in that basic set of EQ than you are as an old character with the same stuff. The whole argument is that it'd sure be nice to play the character you once loved.

    HOW TO SOLVE: I think the rates mentioned above are way too high. I could level a new character to 30/30/30 with MAX stats in 2mil XP. That said, maybe setting a specific amount of XP for a guaranteed train is a little too abnormal and maybe this is what is so uncomfortable to some. It definitely takes some of the fun and excitement out of earning a train the legitimate way. Instead, what about every 50k XP (about the amount required to level from 29 to 30) a player has a chance (equal to any normally-leveling character) to earn a train. It would follow the same rules as any other character (LUC and random chance factor into it). I think this would be a great compromise.

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    Would love to see this change, there are plenty of characters I would play again if I had a chance to get them to max stats.

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    I support the idea of there being some form or fashion to obtain trains.

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    After 20 years, anything less than perfect is not good enough. I have half a dozen characters that I stopped playing because of stat injustice! I fully support this idea.

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