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Thread: periodic Adventure Night

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    Default periodic Adventure Night

    I was thinking that it might be a good idea to have a periodic Adventure night - basically a set time weekly/monthly/whenever when alignments are put to the side and a group can go out and explore a every tough area. There are plenty of places on the MUD I have never been and would like to check out. I'm sure I'm not alone in this.

    Thoughts? Frequency? I'm thinking every two weeks or once per month.

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    I'm up for it!

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    Additional things to think about:

    * In advance of the Adventure Night, decide what zone you're going to explore. Folks may need to prep (visit to circus for popcorn, popping sancs, what-have-you).
    * discuss particulars of the zone, such as burn rooms, arch mobs, breathers, before going in.
    * decide in advance what the group response to PVP interference: Will folks flee? Will folks stand and protect the group? What will be done with any resulting corpses?
    * Consider coordinating efforts on a group voice chat like Teamspeak
    * decide who is leading, and what the Assist chain will look like.
    * discuss updating / sharing newly learned info on the zone wiki page.

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    I’d do it. We could crush any zone working together.

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    Could be fun! Depending on night/area, I'd attempt to join!

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    Hey, Raage, is this something you're going to be organizing! I think it's an excellent idea.

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    I love this idea too! If I am able to join such group adventure, I have certain conditions for my participation - namely no one with the name Venom or Portobello or Sycora is in the group. If Circus is the target area, I have the option to opt-out unless Mercury or Belsambar or maybe even Mael is present. Lastly, Samiyah and/or Nicholai must be in the group for my peace of mind. If my mind is not at peace I'm pretty sure the whole group will die....

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    Count me in!

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    Adventuring Group to Dauskraug Spawning
    Time: 8pm central
    Date: 8/17 Saturday

    Come Join us!
    I want to see and experience more of the game, this is a great way to help me do that. Its also a great time to join up together and do things you have not done in a while, or see things you have not seen before!

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