Mish, as we all know, is an embezzler and a thief. I despise her and want her dead. Again. But that's rather beside the point. After a catastrophic financial mishap this past eve' . . . I am searching for a new Bank and/or Independent Banker, not one affiliated with Mish, or her cohorts Merrick and Guido. While there can never be another Banker as awesome as Wish, or a Bank as great as the Wish First National Bank, I seek someone of close-to-comparable greatness.

Zero (0) affiliation with Mish, Merrick or Guido.
Zero (0) affiliation with Tokugawa or his band of podmen. (See me for full list of minions)
At least an 875 credit rating.
A+++ rating with the TFC Better Business Bureau.

I have large cash deposits, and wealthy friends. Please submit credit report, resume, banking fee estimates and schedules, and any additional salary/compensation requirements to me. It shall be greatly appreciated.

P.S. Don't think I forgot about you Tokugawa. Exhibits "K" through "W" are forthcoming.

Advocate for Better Banking
President, TACO
CEO, Bad Sport, Inc.
Founder, Girl Power Ltd.