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    Written as a sequel to The Sea Bird, for my friend, Tross, who I miss.

    ================================================== ================================================

    I once wrote of a sea-bird,
    that soared aloft so high
    It searched for crew and kinsman
    And sang a mournful cry

    I wept with joy at knowing
    it found a home at last
    A place to let its wings rest
    And heal wounds of the past

    That sea-bird nested sweetly,
    Taught older birds to fly
    And though it winged far distant
    I'd smile as it soared by

    But now its nest is missing
    Just gone without a trace
    Her hurt, loss and betrayal
    Clear, written on her face

    I ached to give her shelter
    To heal the wound renewed
    I closed my arms around her:
    Unable to break through

    She launched away up skyward,
    wings beating at the air
    her tone proclaiming loudly
    She surely didn't care

    My heart ached at renewed loss
    Twice left behind by men
    Who did not take precaution
    and broke her heart again

    How could they leave this sea-bird,
    Just go, and not look back?
    Not think for just one moment
    Of hurts made by their lack?

    They say that pain makes stronger,
    This, any girl-child knows.
    But words cannot prepare you -
    When one we love.. just.. goes.

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    Beautiful, heartbreaking. Resonates on many levels. This piece touches on all kinds of loss.

    (I wish I had known Tross).

    Best - Silonch

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