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Thread: I need your help!

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    Default I need your help!

    I am trying to find references to a couple (very old) immortal temples... ideally, a log with the whole temple in it, or maybe contact info for the FLI, or whatever I can get my hands on...

    Asia - Pain
    Jerald - Bards
    Masher - ITK
    Nicademus - Wind
    Simon - Clan Chiselhammer
    Xavier - Draoi

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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    I think Xavier had a website at one point, you may be able to use to find the temple.
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    *nudge* Anyone else have info on these temples? Contact info for the imms? I know Xavier sometimes stops by, but I don't ever seem to catch him as any of his identities...

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    I can get ahold of Nicademus and see if he still has his info. Will let you know.
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