Typos: These are spelling errors, grammatical errors, bad exits or a flag is missing that should have been set. Any issues with rooms, mobs or objects that can be set in the area file. They should always be posted IN GAME from the room in which you see the issue. This is because when you post a typo it will automatically flag the room number making it much easier on the person that has to fix the problem.

Bugs: These are errors in how something works code wise, be it stats that go whacky, a command or spell doesn't seem right or you did xyz and it crashed the mud. Generally anything that doesn't appear to be working as expected. IF IT IS CRITICAL please post it in game. The forum bug/project area is checked but not as frequently. http://forums.tfcmud.com/project.php

Ideas: Should be posted to the idea forum at: http://forums.tfcmud.com/forumdispla...ext-Great-Idea. All ideas are welcome and are given consideration.