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Thread: "Why Bards Are A Waste of Time" - Commissioned by Anduin, written by Samiyah

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    Default "Why Bards Are A Waste of Time" - Commissioned by Anduin, written by Samiyah

    Why Bards Are A Waste of Time
    (as commissioned by Anduin *)

    World shaped by whim: it's a dangerous thing
    To give up such power to those that just sing
    Tynian's time - precious, rarer than gold
    Was foolishly spent on those pioneers bold
    Like Oook, Adja, Cadee, on Chylder and Fling
    Faite, Gheorghe and Huglak, what good do they bring?
    Better He'd focused on fixing what's there
    Psionisists mental, barbarians scare
    Or making Thugs nifty, 'cause right now they're lame
    Instead, it's these singers, all seeking great fame
    He should have spent code-time adjusting the spells
    of Shamans and Clerics ('cause mages are swell)
    That hunt-code for places and monsters galore
    As much of a waste as a lyrical score
    The world's not enriched by a rhyme or a song -
    When so much of TFC's just coded wrong!
    Combat more easy, with eq galore!
    A-re-na battles with arch-mobs and more!
    Not gathering songs for some halfling to hum!
    Yes, really and truly, the bard class is dumb!
    Roleplay is stupid - a waste of His time!
    (An ironic message hired out in this rhyme)
    Yes, Anduin's right, we should delete the bards
    Success for this class just's not in the cards
    (Besides, they're too sneaky, all hidey-in-place
    That Eathor guy could be right in your face!)
    And that combat! It's silly! All kicking and slaps,
    Weapons are wielded, with crushes and whacks!
    So better you listen to what he hired said
    And hasten the day that the bard class is dead!

    * Please note that this in no way, shape, or form describes my own personal thoughts on the Bard Class. - Sami
    ** Please note that Anduin hasn't reviewed this song prior to publication, so it it may not accurately reflect his thoughts, either.
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    I was extremely sad when I read the beginning of this song, but then I was extremely happy when I got to the end of it!

    Thank you Sami!!

    Eathor the sneaky in your face Bard!

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    *grin* I am glad you like it, oh esteemed Sahib Eathor!!


    PS: I hope that you are proud when you see how your student has grown in your absence!

    (ooc/PS: You are much missed, my friend. Stay safe!!)

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