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Thread: A Progress Chart for Bards!

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    Default A Progress Chart for Bards!

    If you are a new bard like me, it may be daunting to try and figure how many scores and scrolls and such it takes to level your magic class. Once I started keeping a daily log, it was much easier to have an idea of my progress, and get a general idea of how much more I needed to obtain. I hope that this spreadsheet will be useful for other bards just getting started! If you have any questions on how to use the formulas, just send me a message on the mud or here... I'm happy to help. There are three tabs: One is a Daily Log to track everything, the second is a list of the dates and gains for your levels, and the third is a Bard Chart, so you can track what was required for each level. (Compiling this information from multiple bards would be helpful to create a general reference guides for new bards! If you are willing to share your info, please let me know!)

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    Great idea!
    Selune Crimsonmane

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    I hope you find it useful!

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