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Thread: Current areas available for rewrite?

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    Default Current areas available for rewrite?

    Are these the current list of what is available for rewrite or replacement?

    Chapel Catacombs

    Dwarven Kingdom
    Dwarven Catacombs

    Wyvern's Tower

    * I'm thinking that if someone was going to rewrite the Dwarven Kingdom, Dwarven Catacombs, or Moria, you would want a single person or a team to tackle those three with a unifying concept. Not that I'm volunteering at this point

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    Actually, I've already volunteered to rewrite Dwarven Kingdom and Dwarven Catacombs. I've started with the rewrite for Dwarven Kingdom, and hopefully when that gets approved (being on deployment, my time is sporatic, but it's coming along) I'll do the Catacombs!


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    Nice Eathor!

    And we should leave Wyvern's Tower - it's a nice little zone.

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