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Thread: The TFC Wiki!

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    Thumbs up The TFC Wiki!

    The TFC Wiki is a source of user-generated information: That means that any player is welcome, invited, and encouraged, to create a wiki account and to add to the store of knowledge there. Please realize, though, that rules for behavior on mud go for the wiki, too: No foul language, please.

    Whether it's sharing a mortal-made map of a zone or adding a bit of lore on a retired (or active!) player, we invite you to contribute! TFC has a long, rich history and environment, and we welcome your contributions!

    Please Visit the Wiki Today!

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    I wanted to help clear up some misconceptions about the wiki:

    1) The wiki is not "mine." I am a major contributor and also an Admin, but it isn't "my" project. ANYONE is welcome, invited, and encouraged to participate.

    2) Just because I created a page, doesn't mean others can't add to it, edit it, change it! I am creating as many 'baseline' pages as possible, to provide a platform for others to build on. And just because I think something happened a certain way, doesn't make me infallible. If it isn't in a log, I may well be wrong. Correct me!

    3) If the person wasn't level 50, they can't have a page. WRONG! **ANY** player is welcome to make pages for their characters.

    4) Editing a wiki is hard! No, it really isn't! Prior to this project, I had no experience at all with wikis. I still am generally clueless, but the most basic page construction is really easy! I literally was able to walk someone else through the process, step by step, and they made their first page in less than 5 minutes! I've also made some 'how to' guides for creating a people page or a places page - you'll find them at the top of the People and the Places pages.

    If there's anything I can do to help make it easier for you to contribute, please let me know.

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    I wanted to thank Katrana for some really amazing work on the wiki: She has been tirelessly replicating HELP files, and has really expanded that area of the wiki. In acknowledgement of all of her hard work, Tynian has made Katrana an Administrator! (I think it was also to show mercy on Lycron and I, constantly scrambling to keep up with the Moderating of the new pages Kat was building! :P)

    Also, today, Natilena has been posting some lore I thought lost: Nayr's original racial histories! These are a fascinating read.

    Other folks who have been contributing in ways I wanted to call attention to: MikGub and Soloban, who have been expanding the Area sections. Thank you!

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    Default My Areas

    Thanks to Cordir, Katrana, and whoever else worked on the Wiki. I will happily provide Wiki info for the three areas I wrote for TFC: The Barbegazi Settlement, The Shipwreck, and The Great Plains.
    Wish, Foul Sepiod

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    YAY!! Thank you, oh Squishy One!

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    I often refer to Barbegazi as the most well written zone in the game, such a rich storyline and history. I can't wait to read more on that one.

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    You are very welcome Cordir!!

    I would like to encourage everyone to try to contribute a little something to the Wiki. At least log in and create a user. Create your own page I had no wiki editing experience before this, and it is quite simple!! (Please do not be afraid that you will mess anything up either!) Please guys jump in there and start creating! The Wiki is a reference tool for everyone, experienced players and newbies alike. Cordir and I are only able to add so much, I would love to see mortal content and assistance on there. Start posting some rumors as to how some of the spells work...add in how many mushrooms it takes to fill you up at various levels, etc...Don't make a Wyldess beg:P
    Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.

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    Default Curses, Foiled again!

    Well, darnit.
    After a discussion of my Minnie Mouse style voice on immtalk, I recorded a 'welcome to the wiki' message, but can't post it there (disallowed file type) and tried here, and it's a disallowed file type here, too. Apparently Tynian has a prejudice against mice!!


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    Based on repeated and persistant feedback, the line, "(in)famous characters of TFC" has been removed from the People page, to show that it truly is inclusive of all and any People on TFC.

    To address the need to call out those individuals who are extraordinary, we've created a Category called "Legendary" and are currently debating on the Discussion Page for the Category how this should be defined. Feedback on that page, from registered wiki users, is welcome. If you have an opinion, please share it there, so we can keep all the conversation in one place.

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    New player pages today for Quinntum and Sadow, by request.

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    new player pages for Fuzzy, Drakar Grimward, Flutter, Ebonie, Cleon, Cistercian, Celia, Avatarr Farseer, Bastian, Bancor, and Arianos Talesedrin.

    Currently underway: Garvax, Gryffon, Harmony Skylore, Ihsahn.

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    Additionally, the 'Legendary' category got scrapped because we could not come to consensus on what "Legendary" truly meant - it was too subjective. Instead, a new category has been created called "First" - along with a corresponding page called "First!" to document the specific achievement. The category is for those who were the first to achieve something notable: First to a specific level, first to log in to 3x, first of a specific race to achieve something, etc. To have this category added, the achievement must be quantifiable and documented in some form or fashion. (Timeline, etc)

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    New Player Pages for : Garvax, Gryffen, Harmony, Ihsahn, Kalee

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    New player pages for: Moiraine, Marduk, Kettri, Kausay

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    Posted a "class maximum stat" table to help people sort out how much gear of a given type they can wear before it becomes useless - please review, some data is missing and I'm sure some is incorrect!

    Updated the equipment page so that it displays in a far less eye-crossing table than the previous list. Please note that this was a re-upload from my original data, so if you fixed anything I had there before it was overwritten. Please adjust again, I promise not ot overwrite it this time!

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    Updates for the last week or so:

    New pages: Lysanthir, Laurana Starbreeze, Tiger Retribution List: July 2002, Gernoul, Azilix, Chosen Welcome Message, Blades of Fate, Keenare, Scrye, Tarathiel, Killishandra, Kollen

    Additions to existing pages: Mordith, Majere, Rufus, Azeworai, Jaator, Erond

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    Additional pages made today: Lynain, the Wedding of Lynain & Azar, Zonaso.

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    New (massive) page for Marisa created today. Thank you to Rhysling, who provided info on the Keepers of the Elements, and some data from DarkClaw's temple, The Haven. Working on completing pages for all of the Chosen of Fate and all those who had a page on the Rogues Gallery.

    12:52 CST - Edited to add: new pages for Rocky and Oghma posted.
    1:45 CTS - Edited to add: new page for Shushila posted.
    3:00 CTS - Edited to add: new page for Strat posted.
    Last edited by Cordir; August 9th, 2011 at 01:58 PM.

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    Default PPI Notes / Player Pages

    We are up to over 340 pages created for players - mortal and immortal - on the wiki. To see them all, please visit

    If you have a snippet of memory or opinion on anyone that has a player page, it can be added to the Player Provided Information (PPI) section. (For an example, please see Palmer's Page, which several folks have contributed to. If you want to add comments, use the NOTES template:

    {{note|[[ (put your name here, without the curved brackets, leaving the square ones)]]|Today's Date| And put Your information HERE}}
    {{note|[[ ]]| / / | }}

    Please keep your comments polite, even if you didn't like the person. There's many ways to communicate a point. You don't have to say, 'So and So was a absolute a-----e and I hated his guts.' You can say, 'I often had conflict with So-and-So, and some of our arguments got heated.' (For example: Miressa's comment on Maldobar's page - simple, true, to the point!) Try and include *something* positive about anyone you want to leave a PPI note on.

    If you want help posting, or phrasing your information, you can always contact me on mud. I'm glad to help.

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    New Pages for Azmoth, Lataal,Tyrall.
    Updates to: Aoide, Gregar, Artanis, Boromir, Cirth.

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