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Thread: Spider Seige of Midgaard

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    Default Spider Seige of Midgaard

    Lead by my pet, Guardian, every spider in the Realm descended upon Midgaard today... Valiantly, Golson, Tiran, and Joewnah fought them off. Final Tally: Golson 77, Tiran 42, Joewnah 3. Guardian was the last one standing, and remained undefeated.

    Rewards provided: 100 gold and 1 random potion for every 10 corpses turned in, and a chocolate chip cookie for participation.

    (Edited log attached.)
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    The creatures attacked again. Final Tally: Anduin 35-2 (wrong corpse)=33, Tiran 32-4 (wrong corpse)=28, Hern & Pein = 16, Baric & Hutt = 9, Swyth = 4, Kail = 3, Kered =1.

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