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Thread: Log-in Timer on Memorizing Scores

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    Default Log-in Timer on Memorizing Scores

    I'd like a log-in timer on scores, something around 10 minutes or so. I can log in, grab a few scores out of the pit and memo them instantly, then log off.

    I nabbed three spell scores out of the pit and leveled my spell class within one minute of logging on. It just doesn't seem right to me.
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    What's wrong with that? I could log out with 1 xp tnl, then log in, go kill one mob, and level within 1 minute. I don't see the point of this.

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    The take away for me here is... Bard's don't need us to pit scores we find. Can do!

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    Aaaaand...if they DO that...and that's all they do...where does that put them? Whoo.

    Besides, 1: That means you put a fair amount of work into getting that level before you logged in, as Thor said, that's like logging out at 5xp tnl. All I can really do is point and laugh at you for it :P Hey, c'mon though, that's a nice way to start your login.

    Likewise, at higher spells, you're not going to be able to level a bard solely off 5 second logins and pit scores. You get around 20, you'd have to be doing it several times a day and hoping people are pitting more than 2-3 scores at any given time in order to level your magic class in less than a couple months....and still...if that is ALL you're doing to level your bard, you're going to match your physical level and have skill levels be stupid lower and have no levelling benefit off collecting the pit scores whatsoever eventually anyway. So....hard to see why this needs code enforcement in any way. It's only seeming 'abusable' because you're such a tiny bard

    Likewise: Gwyr: Do still pit scores. Scores only do so much to level a bard. Make them ASK you for the scrolls though. Scrolls are what the bard REALLY needs to gain magical experience. Scores after a point really only help on the 'number of spells cast' with how bards work at present (vs how they USED to work)

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    yeah Im not a fan of increasing restrictions.

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