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Thread: Durgan the consignment broker

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    Default Durgan the consignment broker

    Durgan the consignment broker

    Consign amulet 200000
    Durgan tells you ‘thank you. A brilliant jade amulet has been put on consignment for 200,000 gold. A 10% listing fee has been withdrawn from your account’

    Consign list
    1: finger: AEANAG | 4dmg4hr | 2000000
    2: waist: 3wis2int | 50000
    3: feet: 2dmg2con | 50000
    4: head: 1wis2luck | 10000
    5: neck: 3dmg2str | 200000

    Consign retrieve 5
    Durgan gives you a brilliant jade amulet
    Durgan tells you ‘Half of your listing fee has been refunded’.

    consign list kurix
    1: arms: 2int2dmg | 30000
    2: legs: m | 5dex | 50000
    3: wrist: 2str3chr | 40000

    consign buy kurix 2
    Durgan tells you ‘thank you. Consign claim to pick up your item. 50000 gold has been deducted from your bank account and given to kurix. If you do not claim your item, it will be auctioned off’

    consign list str
    Kurix: wrist: 2str3chr | 40000
    Menelaos: feet: 2str2con | 20000
    Otak: neck: 2dmg2str | 1000
    (shows all items under consignment including str – highest gold first? newest first? would there have to be a limit to prevent spam-offs, or could this be paginated?)

    consign list wrist
    (shows all items under consignment in the wrist slot)

    Consign sold
    The most recent 30 consignment sales have been:
    Kurix to Corri - legs: m | 5dex for 10000 gold
    Menelaos to Otak – finger: 3dmg for 50000 gold

    And, to keep gear from building up excessively over time,
    Welcome to the Final Challenge, Corri!
    Durgan tells you ‘1: a brilliant jade amulet has remained unsold for 2 months. Consign claim this item, or it will be auctioned in 1 month’
    (If I didn't log in for 3 months, it would simply vanish and I would not be notified on login that anything had been auctioned).

    Other add-on ideas: Durgan could 'feature' items occasionally, putting them randomly out on auction channel twice an hour
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    very cool

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    i like this simply for the fact that i was used as an example.

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    Default confused

    1. how come "consign list kurix" has the 5dex legs for 50000 and you buy it for 10000?
    2. how come "consign list str" shows items that dont include str?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grindel View Post
    1. how come "consign list kurix" has the 5dex legs for 50000 and you buy it for 10000?
    2. how come "consign list str" shows items that dont include str?

    I'm sure this was a simple mistake.
    I would rather not get hung up on her slight oversight, corri has posted an excellent format for this idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grindel View Post
    1. how come "consign list kurix" has the 5dex legs for 50000 and you buy it for 10000?
    2. how come "consign list str" shows items that dont include str?
    Quote Originally Posted by menelaos View Post
    I'm sure this was a simple mistake.
    I would rather not get hung up on her slight oversight, corri has posted an excellent format for this idea.
    Am just pleased Grindel took the time to read through it all. As for the mistakes ... er..I don't see them (anymore. I fixed them in original post - they were in fact mistakes from pasting different drafts together)

    Thanks for catching them.

    So - what do you think of the idea?

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    I meant no disrespect, I like the idea

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    Isn't this just a way to get around Mish storage capacity? We have forums and notes etc. for auctioning stuff. Sorry Corri, but I think Mish storage was a terrible idea and I don't like this one either. Eq should be on you (without the fining BS) or your imm.

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    Fines were put in place to stop storage characters. Whether that has worked or not is for others to decide. What Corri is advocating is basically a improvement on the Broker function which already exists.

    I think this could easily be incorporated without another mob simply by having an option when storing an item on Mish to make that item public, or private.

    If you make it public that item appears in a list which can also be accessed through Mish in much the same way as described above, with all the functionality of this second broker, with none of the extra storage capacity which could be abused, nor the need for additional charges for putting things up (current storage rates apply as normal to public/private items).

    Every idea Corri put forward could be applied to this single broker model. (And I like all of them myself, except the extra storage capacity a separate "auction" area could afford someone)

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    I would support a version where the current 10 slots of storage were shared between 'consign' and 'private' categories.

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    This is wrong.

    There is know "extra storage" with durgan.

    Durgan charges a fee FAR above and beyond extra storage and you have a chance to loose such items as they are offered for sale.

    Example. If i put 5 dmg gloves in for 1 mil and they sell I loose 100k, if they don't sell I loose 50k. Thats an awefully large storage fee, and a great vacume for gold.

    If i put 5dmg gloves in for 500k, I might only risk loosing 25k if they don't sell, but then again I risk someone buying hte item and an extremely deflated price.

    Limit the amount of items you can sell at a time to ten possibly, but don't force people to use mish storage for durgan.

    Storage limits and item fines are the sole reason people can't merchant these days.

    I have done merchanting successfully, but I have to sell my worn eq to avoid this pitfall.


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    I moved this over from the 'shoppies economy' thread, since it is a tangent about a consignment broker specifically.

    "If you are putting things up for consignment in exchange for gold, it's not going to go if gold doesn't have value.

    If you are putting things up for consignment to help facilitate a trade, I don't see how that would work. Trades are about negotiation, which requires interaction. " -Tynian

    I would say gold does have value currently, even if it were just for the purchase of a simple ring. I might only want to consign my 3dmg item for 999,999 gold ... but if someone pays it wooo!! I'm glad to have that money towards a simple. (I also might want to consign my 3dmg item for 100 gold - because I just want it to go to someone who appreciates it.)

    I also do think a consignment broker can help facilitate trade (not just gold purchases).
    For example:
    I can put an item up for consignment for a whole bunch of gold.
    Enough that no one is going to buy it (presumably).
    Then - it atleast shows up in the list
    consign list wrist
    Lycron: wrist: 1str3dmg3dmg | 4,000,000 (Lycron paid 400k to list this)

    Now I can go to Lycron and offer "I want that wrist item! Interested in trading it for 200k and an amulet of nydia?" (since he'll get half his listing fee back when he withdraws the offer)

    Again, I seek a way to help make trading more common, based on the truths that:
    1. People can not hold as many spare randoms these days as once, making it harder to find trades
    2. Less folks play than once did, making it harder to find trades
    3. Trading can be a lot of fun!

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    I agree it needs tweaking, but I really really like this idea.

    "Post quick-reply? I'm sorry, I am just completely incapable..."

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    thanks morgainefor the bump, this is a great idea Corri so long as you can only consign your items that are stored with mish so that way we don't end up with extra storage.

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    yeah this is one of my all time favorite ideas.

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    It would help people find eq for sure, like right now I really need a con combo in neck and this would allow me to find one easier and the person gets the price they want... makes gold nice to have again too

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    Yeah the specific reason I like this idea so much is because I think it picks up economic activity and adds value to gold.

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    Hey Otak! 2dmg 2str neck for 1k? You're basically GIVING it away, crazy man!

    Seriously though I like this idea.

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    Love this idea. With people not being able to be online all the time, sometimes it can be hard to meet up with someone to make a trade, even using the forums and the notes. If I can only log on between 10 and 11 am, and you can't because you have class during that time, we can't ever trade, but with this idea, we could. Seems like a great economy booster.


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