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Thread: Shaman spells/skills (I know I know, a new thread about some)

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    Default Shaman spells/skills (I know I know, a new thread about some)

    Well there are not enough shaman and there are certain reasons for it, the NEED for a TS amulet being the biggest of many but anyway here are some spell/skill ideas for shamans...

    Locate Object: (self-explanatory). It'd be nice to have a reason to play a shaman after a reboot, we like limited's too and since the only helds are Limited's we need them!!!

    Corpse Survey: (I posted this before but everyone loved the idea and said I should post a new thread about it) It's like survey for mages' wiz marks/alarms but instead it shows the corpses a Shaman has the possibility of necroporting to. This would also show if there are corpses period for the shaman to necroport to since that is often not available. Heck, even if it just said if there ARE corpses available and not necessarily where they are would be better than it is.

    Detect invis: come on, reliance on a TS Amulet is unfair and not easy to come by. Soul sense is pretty much like a detect hidden and clerics get TS the spell!

    Aura of protection: the same damage-protection as protection good/evil (1/3rd or whatever it is) but regardless of alignment. 'Help Shaman' claims "The Shaman specializes in protection, but they also have a powerful offensive spell which can prove quite deadly if you provoke them." Now I won't get into how un-true the latter statement has become until the next spell idea... but anyway, Cloak of protection at level 30 shaman is about 60hp, which was alright back when the average damage on a player was lower and so was their hp, but now it's barely worth casting. Absorb is really easy to break and exclude costs a ton of mana and can't be learnt to a high success level to begin with so while they're decent spells they're more of an annoyance for enemies than anything else really, especially in this era where spell damage is almost non-existent. The d/a cap* is another reason for it too. Clerics get both major protection spells and mages can LOCATE the potions and Limited potions with protection alignment and sanc spells. Or maybe if cloak of protection were just up-graded to something like 100hp at 30 shaman that would be better too.

    * I think the d/a cap should be changed too, make it similar to Sol's idea for damage where it just becomes half as effective after a certain # (more than 30 though, 30d/a cap is not cool ).

    UPGRADE RIFT: (not a spell so much as an idea) Bring it back to how powerful it was before or something like a possible 130-145hp at the top end? It's not nearly as good as it should be with the new hp/eq standards.

    Soul Read: (Nic's idea, I kinda liked it despite its crappy name ) I think this should be similar to info3 but more-so as to the character's alignment, pk-status and possibly a rough estimate of their location (room name for example).

    Curse: Just like the cleric one. Why not? Shaman are like tribal voodoo witch doctors right?

    UPGRADE ATTUNEMENT: (again a spin off of a Nicademus idea) I think it should not only show that a spell is in the air but if it is an alarm, give the shaman the same chance as a mage to not set it off.

    Well, those are the ideas for shaman spells/skills I could come up with right now. Feedback would be cool but implementation of them would be even sweeter for the shaman class and the MUD alike!


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    Attempted to merge this with the thread on the exact same subject. Anduin deleted the merged post, and started a new thread again.

    So, I am closing this thread. I'd appreciate it if subsequent comments on an existing active topic be put with that topic.

    Keeping a bare amount of organization will help me greatly in following what is being discussed, and give me fewer places to look for topics with the same subject.

    Thank you all for your cooperation.

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