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In search of the 65 hour day ....

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Well, the search for the 65 hour day continues although not with a lot of success... Tried cloning myself and that didn't work too well. I kept demanding a pay raise from myself, that went poorly ... so that experiment ended.
The new area has gone through another revision design-wise and looks to be a much better layout... well at least from my perspective
I have also modified the design a bit so its NOT mage centric like some people believe it will be. I managed to lose the original documents on the area and had to recreate them as time allowed. That work is finished and will be submitting the rest of the stuff probably next Tuesday. I'm heading out of town for the weekend and plan on submitting the stuff when I get back.
Have written up the 3rd quest ... amazing what spell check can do for you if I'm inspired, I'll give some thought to another quest this weekend and perhaps put some words on paper.

Other that that, just cruising as much as possible ...

Oh yeah, speaking of clones ...

A Coder cloned themselves to get more work done in half the time. Turns out there was a problem with the cloning process and the clone arrived slightly out of sorts... like permanently. All it would do was cuss and swear and berate people .. where ever that clone stood was just an ugly place to be ..

The coder finally had enough of this and drove the clone to the Grand Canyon .. and went for a walk along the south rim ...
The clone waxed eloquent about the failings of the coder in words you couldn't use on TFC ... The coder finally had enough and just shoved the clone over the edge ... the clone didn't survive the fall especially the sudden stop at the bottom...

The coder arrived back at the car and waited for the police to arrive. They arrived shortly after that and after talking to him and witnesses decided to charge him with ......

wait for it

making an Obscene Clone Fall

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