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The Winding Road to Nowhere

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I’ll admit that summer isn't the best time for me to get things accomplished. Too many things to do, people to see, places to go and so on. I have just about finished up the core parts of what I've been working with on the New Player Experience. There’s some minor cleanup to do and some quests to write up but the hard parts are all done.

The philosophy is to get away from all of the ‘look here’, ‘read this sign’, ‘read the newbie book’ and ‘read this help file’ stuff to get them into the game quicker. Along with reworking the character creation process I've been working on the overall experience of the first few rooms of the game.

In the first room is where we tend to lose most new players. I’ve tried to replace much of the reading required from the first screen actual actions and things they can do (including MXP clickable links which when you click on them will send the command to the game). A big change from our old way which was telling new players to spend a good hour reading various help files, policies and command lists. To make it interesting there are full exit descriptions and a multitude of extra little details that can be looked at. Once the player moves west into the next room another short set of instructions are there that explain how to use equipment and work basic getting/dropping objects. This is how a newbie will get starter equipment.

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While working with my kids trying to get them introduced to the game I really took to heart the message that they really just wanted to kill something but basic combat commands still had to be taught. A fighter doesn't need all of the extra information explaining spell casting but a magic user does. Additionally different types of magic users need slightly different messages as well now I’m trying to present the proper message depending on what class the character is. Notice in these screenshots below I’m not mentioning anything about how to flee or what happens when you die. The character doesn't need to know that quite yet so instead the instruction appears only when they get themselves into that situation.

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The next steps now are getting a series of quests written above and beyond the Algenara quest. Ideally I would like to walk the newbie through the first 5-ish levels in the newbie area without being sent to their hometown where the potential for dying and possibly giving up is higher!

The (updated) legal stuff: This does not mean it will happen, this does not mean it'll be in v5, this does not mean it’s a rule or a policy, this does not mean it’s about a specific person (except in certain cases), this is not intended to call out anyone, this does not mean anyone but ME thinks this way, this is not always the opinion of the other God+ staff, this doesn't mean that I'll finish what I started, this does not mean anything more than I happened to be pondering something. k thx bai!

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  1. Sagan's Avatar
    This is looking really good.
  2. Tynian's Avatar
    That's pretty darned cool.
  3. Strad's Avatar
    Nati ROCKS
  4. boromir's Avatar
    Cool !!!!!

    Rock on!!!
  5. Ghazkull's Avatar
    That's cool!
  6. kaern's Avatar
    wow great stuff. the magic.jpg is a dupe of the fighter.jpg though!


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