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Death by Real Life

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Over the past few months, my Clark Kent job has taken a turn for the crazy. Five vacant positions in my section has meant me putting in a ton of extra hours to keep things afloat. As a result, my time within TFC has been predictably very limited. I'm still weeks away from that situation being resolved.

In the meantime, I've taken some time to do operating system and software updates on the development and "live" servers. The web server software required configuration changes to get running. If you notice the web site acting quirky, let me know.

I'm also looking at whether to upgrade the forum software to the next major version. It's $200, but the current forum software also seems to work okay.

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Updated December 8th, 2013 at 01:19 PM by Tynian

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  1. Anduin's Avatar
    Hope things calm down for ya soon Tyn. You got this!
  2. Tynian's Avatar
    Thanks! Though it feels more like "this" has me -- I'm feeling a bit like a chew toy.
  3. Selune's Avatar
    I still want to thank you, for any time you can put into TFC.
  4. Tynian's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Selune
    I still want to thank you, for any time you can put into TFC.
    Thanks, Selune -- I really appreciate it.


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