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Summer-end Fun

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The summer is almost gone now. I've been putting along with my various projects but in reality I just don't have as much time during the summer months as I would like. Maybe that isn't quite true because it seems I can really move my rear when I get a funny idea into my head!

I hope this weekend's quest will be fun and interesting. I'm actually more scared that it will be either too easy or too hard, these things are hard to balance. The design of it I think is awesome, it makes use of quest mobs, a bunch of rarely used mob special functions and some fancy exit code Tynian wrote a while back but was never used. Once my head connected with an idea of how all these could be used together, I really just ran with it and quickly too! The rooms for the area I wrote to house the quest I wrote using Notepad (!!) in a couple days. Then I filled in the objects and base mobs I would need. I've gone ahead and announced the upcoming quest but I'm still writing and testing quest mobs ... errr I guess I'd better get back to that!

Here's hoping its enjoyable content for you all.


The legal stuff: This does not mean it will happen, this does not mean it'll be in v5, this does not mean it’s a rule or a policy, this does not mean it’s about a specific person (except in certain cases), this is not intended to call out anyone, this does not mean anyone but ME thinks this way, this is not always the opinion of the other God+ staff, this doesn't mean that I'll finish what I started, this does not mean anything more than I happened to be pondering something. k thx bai!

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