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Hey Ladies!! Get Funky

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I’ve enjoyed being back in the rhythm of coding again and working towards getting v5 finally done. I have mostly been working on the ancillary features so far and am pleased with the progress.

We now have 2 lua script spaces integrated with v5, per character and mudwide. I’ve leaned heavily on the knowledge of the community as well as Nick Gammon (of MushClient fame) in doing this and I appreciate their willingness to share. Our quest system is a variation on what Gammon created for the SMAUG community because it was a neat idea that worked well. “Challenges” are little quests that can be easily made like the Algenara newbie quest but with other features along the lines of the WoW type “kill X goblins”. There is a LOT more features that some creative area writers might be able to have some fun with and a lot of places to grow. That said, if there is anyone who already has an area installed that would like to add such a feature please let me know. While I don’t have an ETA for the final v5 launch, I should have the documentation ready shortly on how to add this to your area.

Now that I’m comfortable with the loading and destroying of the spaces and getting better with lua itself I’m pondering several more features allowing for mudwide and one-off God+ script run events but for now I’m stopping with what I’ve got or none of the other features of v5 will get done.

You know, all the core gameplay changes that makes y’all shake in your boots.


The (updated) legal stuff: This does not mean it will happen, this does not mean it'll be in v5, this does not mean it’s a rule or a policy, this does not mean it’s about a specific person (except in certain cases), this is not intended to call out anyone, this does not mean anyone but ME thinks this way, this is not always the opinion of the other God+ staff, this doesn't mean that I'll finish what I started, this does not mean anything more than I happened to be pondering something. k thx bai!

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Updated May 7th, 2012 at 07:29 PM by Natilena (forgot my legal stuff!! good heavens!)

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