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Pulling the Plug

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The big Borlan quest has ended with a fizzle. It went on too long and I should have pulled the plug on it sooner.

The quest had a back story, which would adapt based on who participated and other particulars. For example, the question of whether Mish would continue her campaign against Lexie would depend in part on what Lexie said and did. Same with Wish and the bankers. I had a few contingencies planned, based on certain events. Given that it was the evil followings that pitched in to "save the world" (especially Katrana's group for the first half of the quest), there was going to be a storyline based on how the heroes of the quest were those perceived as the bad guys of the world, and the possible consequences of that realization among the population, and perhaps some other fun.

The unplanned drama surrounding Cordir's new area became the new quest, taking on a life of its own.

Although the quest is over, I launched the villain. I put a several ill-conceived hours into him, and I didn't just want to throw that work away. In the meantime, magic is still screwed up for the foreseeable future. If I sized the "Big Bad" right, he should be killable with planning and persistence, which means that he (and the screwed up magic) may be around until after v5 launches.

My thanks to those that participated. It did not go according to plan, but perhaps some of you had some fun with it. And for those that hated it, thanks for not harping on it.

Oh! The results of the scavenger hunt:

Individual scores:
    name    | following | score
Hedschott | Isolas | 1306
Lexie | Isolas | 1071
Maeron | Katrana | 898
Sagan | Katrana | 759
Krivik | | 624
Gheorghe | Katrana | 506
Celeste | Cecil | 445
Teva | Isolas | 333
Aoide | Katrana | 313
Narthal | Hutt | 309

Following scores:
  fli   | score
Isolas | 3267
Katrana | 2940
Cecil | 854
Hutt | 704
Boromir | 223

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Updated April 23rd, 2012 at 07:30 AM by Tynian

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  1. boromir's Avatar
    HI Tynian,

    Thanks for taking the time and energy to put this together. I appreciate all the work you put into this quest.

    Would it be possible once V5 goes in and you've had a break, to see more quests like this? I know that you and the other coders are working hard on V5 and your taking the time to put together something like this is just plain cool!

    Thanks again !!
  2. wish's Avatar
    Thanks, Tynian. I did my best!
  3. soloban's Avatar
    I'd say you sized him right. I was part of a crew yesterday that got demolished by Cron-Tor.
  4. Gheorghe's Avatar
    Thanks for the quest Tyn man
  5. Jashon's Avatar
    Agree. Thanks for the time and effort big bossman.


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