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Elf [ Greater Goddess ] Natilena. Bug fixes or v5.

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I'd love to sit down here and tell you all of the wonderful progress thats made on v5 and how great its been going. All I've got to report is that I've dealt with a heck of a lot of Administrative issues in the past few months. Not everyone was happy with the decisions but I doubt that there is anyone unhappier with the situation than myself.

My heart hasn't really be in it lately. Too much of the bad bringing me down I suppose. Hopefully now we can get past it and move on. I will force myself to keep doing what I can, a bit at a time, and maybe all the good will come back again.

Along with feeling sorry for myself I have spent some time revisiting what I was working on before. I've made it no secret that I wanted to have a proper quest system at the end of my Lua nightmares but I'm stuck at what to call it. I know I had a good suggestion at the GT but have completely forgotten what it was. "Quest" just seems too obvious.. any other ideas floating around out there?

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Updated April 20th, 2012 at 10:07 AM by Natilena

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  1. Cordir's Avatar
    CYOA: Choose Your Own Adventure!
    Moar Challenges (lolcat misspelling on purpose)
    The Forge (the whole forge of spirit/body through difficult tasks)
    Grail (the concept of seeking that which cannot be obtained)
  2. Cordir's Avatar
    .. and on the other note you made, about the admin stuff... I think we're all there, honestly. You have company in the feeling of discontent and unhappiness and bogged down.
  3. Gheorghe's Avatar
    I believe that the consensus was that calling them "Gheorghe tributes" was the best idea.

    I know "task" and "mission" were also mentioned.

    I do like the idea of "challenges"...maybe someday there could be a "final challenge"
  4. Eathor's Avatar
    Old blog post but I'll respond anyway. love the automated quest idea, as i've played on other muds in the past exclusively for their automated quest system (The muds themselves weren't incredible, but the automated quest systems were awesome) ...they all had lame names though, like "aquest" (mostly just so you wouldn't "question" things to the realm over and over while trying to quest).

    You rock, can't wait to get back and see what's what!

    (And maybe some day I'll actually be in an area where a GT is happening.....anyone in Dubai in a month or so? Heh)
  5. Natilena's Avatar
    Content content content! Once I got going the framework was easy, content is going to the hard part. I look at it as a place to grow from for now, just so you're not horribly disappointed at what I manage to get done before v5 is out.


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