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Happy New Year!

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Wow, October since I last posted. Well I guess I never promised REGULAR updates! The time leading up to the winter holidays always tends to be overly busy, I'll blame that.

It's been over a year now since v5 was announced and work is still ongoing. Quite a bit of small stuff has already been completed and lots of design work done. In a lot of ways v5 has become smaller over this past year. We’ve taken certain features and set them aside for a later update because there were more features than we could finish in a reasonable time frame. That doesn't make it any less of a big change. v3 to v4 was rather small impact-wise, most of the features had been rolled out slowly prior to the major version change. v5 will more like the change from v2 to v3 with some pretty significant changes to the way things work. And no, I'm not saying anything more than that! Design for many aspects is still being finalized and things are still subject to change.

My Lua challenges have changed, I'm working now at getting some of the individual functions to work. Thanks to Tynian we've fixed all of the major crashing I managed to introduce. It’s a pleasant change to get away from that frustrating problem! I’m currently working through some simple enough sounding features like giving an object to a character, removing an object from a character, awarding xp or gold and others of course. When I see it start to work I’m finding it pretty exciting!

The *insert quest name here* epic quest I've been pecking at is actually moving along as well. Though I really had hoped to be finished by now, progress is something. Most of the challenges have been written I need to begin to build some mobs and rooms and start patching it all together for testing.
So there's a little update, life has be busy over the next few weeks but everyone can still hope for more progress!
Lastly, I’ll share a little story because early development testing can be a funny thing at times. I was really just testing to see how well my award XP function was working but when it would run, my character would magically level to max! Hmm, ok what happens if I start a new character? A smidge of XP later, same thing! I think it is officially the record for time from lv 1 to max level, 3 minutes! Of course the issue is now fixed but it was kinda fun while it lasted.


The (updated) legal stuff: This does not mean it will happen, this does not mean it'll be in v5, this does not mean it’s a rule or a policy, this does not mean it’s about a specific person (except in certain cases), this is not intended to call out anyone, this does not mean anyone but ME thinks this way, this is not always the opinion of the other God+ staff, this doesn't mean that I'll finish what I started, this does not mean anything more than I happened to be pondering something. k thx bai!

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    +1, like? Hmmm message with both, yes.
  2. Tynian's Avatar
    Got a mention! This is the Best. Post. Ever. Hehee.

    Almost inspires me to post stuff, too. Almost.
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  4. boromir's Avatar
    Cool !


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