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Manatov Cocktail

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I will soon be changing mana so that it is a "calculated" value, much like how hit points are now calculated. I have not begun the coding. I've instead been working on the math. As most of you are aware, mana gains can be all over the place. It's extreme randomness driven people to drink, after experiencing one bad gain after another. Given the swings in mana gains, there is quite a large difference between those that are well endowed and those that are mana anemic. This has led to a situation where the calculated mana "adjustment" can vary greatly. While total mana will go up for many, it will go down for a few.

Thank you for your support and patience, and thanks for playing.

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  1. boromir's Avatar
    I like the idea and the reasons are all so true. Even as far back as 1995 .. yeah I started Boromir then .... mana gains were elusive. it tended to be very frustrating at times. You have perfect eq .. and get 4 14 8 .. while someone else who is just rolling alone with whatever eq they have found .. gets 20 17 19...

    Yeah, I like this change
  2. DarkClaw's Avatar
    I think there should be SOME differences between the characters' mana to individualize them, but yeah...
    not this business of one char having 600+ mana and the next have 300 or so. (Maybe that's overly
    exaggerated, but you get the point *smile*)
  3. Belsambar's Avatar
    It wasn't terribly over exaggerated DC, I have seen exactly such disparagements :P


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