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Season of Change - It's a Marathon, not a Sprint

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I know that some of you are planning gear changes, with the upcoming "all attributes to 25" change. A few days ago, one of the players asked whether the change was likely to be permanent, since that impacts planning. It was a good question, and I wanted to share my thoughts with everyone.

There are advantages to putting version 5 changes in as we code them, as opposed to working on a complete version 5 and releasing the changes all at once. First, the players see that changes are taking place, and it tends to breath some freshness into the game sooner rather than later. When one doesn't see progress for months, it's natural to wonder if anything's happening. Second, since fewer changes are going live at once, it is easier to both see the effects of a given change, and troubleshoot any resulting issues. It's also easier to test. From a coder's standpoint, the feedback loop (usually) inspires more work. If there's excitement about the changes, sitting down to work on code is more appealing. It can be difficult to stay motivated when I'm toiling away but people don't see the changes.

There are corresponding disadvantages to making changes as we implement them, however. Since the game is experiencing more frequent changes, the features are a moving target. Unless you play a lot, it could be difficult to keep track of what's changed. Also, some of the changes may cause you to re-think your gear. You may change your gear to find that down the road, you might want to make other gear changes. Your gear and how you play are again something of a moving target. Some of the changes we make are more speculative (riskier) in nature. If something doesn't work as we anticipate, we might modify it or remove it entirely.

My suggestion to you is that you don't make any sweeping changes with your equipment unless you really want to, and you're willing to accept the risk that your gear changes might lead to "re-change," depending on what is implemented down the road. Until version 5 is completed, the game is in flux. I don't want anyone burning themselves out trying to "chase" the greatest advantage. Pace yourself. We will also try to avoid hitting you with too many big changes at once.

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  1. boromir's Avatar

    I like the changes being rolled in as they are coded, tested and vetted. I think it adds anticipation to the game with people wondering what's coming up next.

    It definitely has my interest!

    Thanks Tynian!

  2. Cresom's Avatar
    Love the game and yes it is going to put on hold some of the trades and voucher uses but I love the changes makes the game almost new. Which is the only thing that will make people come back. for the record I have a uber set and will make the changes work with my eq


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