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Feature Preview - Item Changes

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I should soon be ready to test some changes to items. Rather than just the testers be "in the know," I figured I would let everyone know what to expect soon.

All items are linked to a "template" that loads as part of an area. When an individual item is created, many of the properties of the item is copied from the template to the individual item. One thing that was not copied to an individual item was its (magical) affects. Instead, the template was consulted for any affects included as part of an area file. This is why if someone changes the affects on an object template in an area file, the change impacts all copies of that item. This is why we avoid making (affect) changes to templates when individual items that link to a template exist. Sometimes we forget and make a change anyway. When this happens, all items linked to the changed template reflect the change immediately... because the item gets its magic from the template.

We're worked around this limitation before. For example, the One Ring in Hovelton was changed years ago. In that case, we made a copy of the template, made changes on the new template, and then caused the new item to pop instead of the old. So, there are actually two different One Ring templates, with different affects.

Coming soon, affects (even template affects) will be copied to the individual item. This resulted in several code changes, because the current code has to check for both template-conveyed affects, and individual affects (such as random affects and enchant weapon, to name two examples).

Items will no longer necessarily pop with full affects. The object, as defined by its template, specifies the maximum affects of an item. The actual affects on an individual item may differ.

I have also modified the limit code. Fewer items will be classified as limited. In other words, some items that are currently limited will be unlimited once the changes go in.

At some point, we'll want to review what is popping, and come up with rules that area-loaded objects must follow. It's a natural tendency for any area writer to want to include highly sought items, and the easiest way of doing that is to power the item up, or give it unique properties. The main problem with that is that it fuels power inflation, and also tends to make older items less desirable.

But that's a project for another day.

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  1. Sagan's Avatar
    This all sounds really great, I'm excited to see what the item changes bring to the game.
  2. boromir's Avatar
    That should really allow some interesting affects on all types of items. cool !
  3. Aoide's Avatar
    Thanks for the preview!
  4. Strad's Avatar
  5. ink's Avatar
    I like this. Where is my like button?


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