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    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> This concludes our piece,...


    This concludes our piece, The Law of Blood and Branch! When we began in 2008 we had no idea it would take us a dozen years to get through the three arcs of the piece that...

    Corri January 16th, 2020, 02:39 PM Go to last post

    So that is the law of the heart, the beat that...

    So that is the law of the heart, the beat that cannot be denied.
    And no matter scars between them, the rhythm will rise and subside.
    As spring is followed by summer, so are each of us found,...

    Cirth January 11th, 2020, 01:49 PM Go to last post
  • The TFC Wiki!

    If you enjoy the wiki, please take a moment to contribute content. It's far easier than you think, and I'm happy to do one-on-one mentoring, walking you through it step by step. It makes for a happy Goddess, so give it a try! There's lots of ways you can contribute:

    - Add PPI (Player Provided Information) to someone's People page. Here's instructions and examples: PPI (Check out all the PPI on Palmer's page!) If you aren't sure how, ask me, or Ink, or Cresom!

    - Add PPI to a Place Page. This can be information about items, mobs or interesting facts about the zone. For an example, look at Soloban's info about Dauskdraug Spawning Caves.

    - Add your name to the Membership roster for followings you have been. The rosters I have created only include those characters that I saw on a WHO list, when I was logged in. Since I'm not on 24/7, there are folks I don't see. Add yourself! It's easy! Don't know how? Ask!
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