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    Viari ... if you don't know about this mob now you do.

    <729hp(729) 520ma(525) 590mv(592)(37471) 25668gp sp: [commn] >
    A Muddy Pathway North of the Road
    [Exits: north south]

    Determined to find her son, a noblewoman strides down the path,...

    Tes May 20th, 2019, 10:11 AM Go to last post
  • The TFC Wiki!

    If you enjoy the wiki, please take a moment to contribute content. It's far easier than you think, and I'm happy to do one-on-one mentoring, walking you through it step by step. It makes for a happy Goddess, so give it a try! There's lots of ways you can contribute:

    - Add PPI (Player Provided Information) to someone's People page. Here's instructions and examples: PPI (Check out all the PPI on Palmer's page!) If you aren't sure how, ask me, or Ink, or Cresom!

    - Add PPI to a Place Page. This can be information about items, mobs or interesting facts about the zone. For an example, look at Soloban's info about Dauskdraug Spawning Caves.

    - Add your name to the Membership roster for followings you have been. The rosters I have created only include those characters that I saw on a WHO list, when I was logged in. Since I'm not on 24/7, there are folks I don't see. Add yourself! It's easy! Don't know how? Ask!
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