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    Viari ... if you don't know about this mob now you do.

    <729hp(729) 520ma(525) 590mv(592)(37471) 25668gp sp: [commn] >
    A Muddy Pathway North of the Road
    [Exits: north south]

    Determined to find her son, a noblewoman strides down the path,...

    Tes May 20th, 2019, 10:11 AM Go to last post
  • Vote for TFC on The MUD Connector

    I know you probably think the mud connector is passť, but here's the deal... It is soo easy to take 10 seconds each day to click that vote button when you're already on the stats page, so why not?

    As of this moment we're at #92 and I suspect we could be in the top 20 in very short order. I believe this opportunity relates to the way in which the voting stats were reset at the beginning of the year?

    In the end, will it make a big difference? Maybe not, but the effort-cost is so low that I say it's worth it even to get one new player.

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