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  1. Don't play with your Lua at the table...

    I never really "learned" Lua as a programming language. I just sat down one day and decided to write stuff in it. I read a few tutorials on the internet about the basics, look at some code examples and off I went! While this method kinda works it does cause me some headaches here and there because I can get tripped up at the most simple of problems.

    I was playing with a function to load an object or item into a room but nothing was keeping track of how many there were ...
  2. Pulling the Plug

    The big Borlan quest has ended with a fizzle. It went on too long and I should have pulled the plug on it sooner.

    The quest had a back story, which would adapt based on who participated and other particulars. For example, the question of whether Mish would continue her campaign against Lexie would depend in part on what Lexie said and did. Same with Wish and the bankers. I had a few contingencies planned, based on certain events. Given that it was the evil followings that pitched ...

    Updated April 23rd, 2012 at 07:30 AM by Tynian

  3. Elf [ Greater Goddess ] Natilena. Bug fixes or v5.

    I'd love to sit down here and tell you all of the wonderful progress thats made on v5 and how great its been going. All I've got to report is that I've dealt with a heck of a lot of Administrative issues in the past few months. Not everyone was happy with the decisions but I doubt that there is anyone unhappier with the situation than myself.

    My heart hasn't really be in it lately. Too much of the bad bringing me down I suppose. Hopefully now we can get past it and move on. I will ...

    Updated April 20th, 2012 at 09:07 AM by Natilena

    Pondering , v5 , Crime & Punishment
  4. Happy New Year!

    Wow, October since I last posted. Well I guess I never promised REGULAR updates! The time leading up to the winter holidays always tends to be overly busy, I'll blame that.

    It's been over a year now since v5 was announced and work is still ongoing. Quite a bit of small stuff has already been completed and lots of design work done. In a lot of ways v5 has become smaller over this past year. We’ve taken certain features and set them aside for a later update because there were ...
    v5 , Questy Goodness , STUFF!
  5. Progress is a Shiny and Golden Happy Thing!

    First, I've noticed this blog thing doesn't seem to be overly interactive! If you have thoughts on my thoughts feel free to let me know!

    Busy this week slaving for Bliss for her quest, not really too much else going on!

    Finally a breakthrough on some of the troubles I was having with integrating Lua. The trouble was mostly that script files weren't loading but there was no clue as to where or why or even how they were failing. With a little more research I figured ...
    v5 , Questy Goodness