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  1. the starting bard

    So you wanna be a bard, eh?

    Ok, the first thing you need to know is that bards SUCK at combat. What this means is that you'll need to get the best armor you can--push the AC, dragon scale if possible.

    It also means that you want to consider every mob before you get into combat, but the challenge rating is off for bards. What this means is that when something cons 'perfect' it's going to be a tough mob to kill. A mob that cons 'easy' may require you to have several ...
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  2. Lyrical etiquette&etc.

    For those of you out there searching for lyricals, keep an eye on my title. If I spot a lyrical on a mob i am not interested in pursuing, (or perhaps i want to see who can get it first) i will put the name of the mob in my title. This is not required for other bards, it's just something that I have started doing both in deference to other bards, and to help cycle the lyricals a little faster. (if i can get rid of the one i don't need, perhaps the one i'm hoping for will pop).

    Please, ...
  3. What i know and don't know about performances

    Ok, i wanted to start this blog to get a better handle on those mysterious Performances.

    Managen Blossoms is pretty straightforward, as described in Oooks primer, but what about the rest of them?

    Maurices' Bargain allows you to switch places with a character, like summon, but the other character has to allow you to use it.
    have you ever found this to work in a useful aspect?

    Dragonsbane: what exactly does this do? does it give you a -svb? should ...