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  1. The Rowen Chantey (Ode to DarkClaw)

    Even although i'd finished my hometown quest, writing songs for all the hometowns on the north continent, it didn't seem fair that there there weren't songs for the other towns, so i scratched away halfheartedly at a couple others, such as my unfinished song about a thief in Nydia (Lock Robster) and a reggae tune about the Isle. One that I had more than half written was a sea chantey (for Rowengard/the rowen docks) when we recieved notice that Darkclaw was retiring.
    That gave me some incentive ...
  2. Say Moo! (Mithas)

    This was the final of my hometown quest songs, and was performed with a restrung trumpet which was later destroyed in the volcano. if i ever get annother decent 'blast' damage weapon and manage to restring it, mayhaps you'll hear it performed in game again.

    [trumpet hip-hop]

    Whistler says: This is a little song about Mithas, I hope you like it.

    Whistler takes a deep breath and begins to rap:
    Just a little south and west from the western docks, ...
  3. Come to Malenest! (Metal lyre)

    This one was so much appreciated it got posted to the front page. hope you like metal

    Come to Malenest! (metal lyre)

    Whistler grips his lyre fiercely in his left hand, glares at it, and blows on the fingers of his right.

    Whistler s right hand lunges to the lyre strings! In a blur of motion he plays:
    Chunga-chunga chunga-Chunga Chunga-Chunga Chunga-CHUNG
    Chunga-chunga chunga-Chunga Chunga-Chunga Chunga-CHUNG
    Twang! Deedleleedleleedleleedleleedle ...
  4. Lothlorien Sestina

    The sestina poetic form first surfaced in the early middle ages, and was quite popular for a while, but in my humble opinion, not fully perfected until the mid 20th century by Elizabeth Bishop. I chose to use Bishops format for this piece because it evokes a kind of otherworldly alien feeling that i believe fits the traditional elven concept.

    when i originally recited/performed this piece, i used a twig and rainstick for props, but have lost whatever directions went along with ...
  5. Worms for me (Aracity Jig)

    This is another one from before i had access to that much coveted act ability:

    Aaracity [panspipe]

    Whistler plays: Peeple-a-peep peep-peep, hoot-hoot,
    Whistler plays: Peeple-a-peep, peep-hoot
    Whistler plays: People-a-peep peep-poot, to-toot
    Whistler plays: hoopa-ta-peep, peep poot

    Whistler dances a little jig

    Whistler croons: When I was just a fledgling on an Aracity ledge,
    Whistler croons: My mother told ...