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  1. Happy New Year!

    Wow, October since I last posted. Well I guess I never promised REGULAR updates! The time leading up to the winter holidays always tends to be overly busy, I'll blame that.

    It's been over a year now since v5 was announced and work is still ongoing. Quite a bit of small stuff has already been completed and lots of design work done. In a lot of ways v5 has become smaller over this past year. We’ve taken certain features and set them aside for a later update because there were ...
    STUFF! , v5 , Questy Goodness
  2. Black Cats pelted by cheese from the sky are not usually hungry...

    I’ve been struggling with what to post mostly because I don’t have that much to report. RL has been awfully busy lately but I have made some progress with my Lua adventure. While I still admit to having more errors than I have scrollback, a little secret about me, I don’t mind fixing compiler errors. In fact I kind of enjoy it! Chasing bugs can sometimes make you a little crazy but code that doesn’t compile? There’s always a nice clean reason for it, you just have give it some patient looking ...
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