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Questy Goodness

  1. Summer-end Fun

    The summer is almost gone now. I've been putting along with my various projects but in reality I just don't have as much time during the summer months as I would like. Maybe that isn't quite true because it seems I can really move my rear when I get a funny idea into my head!

    I hope this weekend's quest will be fun and interesting. I'm actually more scared that it will be either too easy or too hard, these things are hard to balance. The design of it I think is awesome, it makes ...
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  2. Hey Ladies!! Get Funky

    I’ve enjoyed being back in the rhythm of coding again and working towards getting v5 finally done. I have mostly been working on the ancillary features so far and am pleased with the progress.

    We now have 2 lua script spaces integrated with v5, per character and mudwide. I’ve leaned heavily on the knowledge of the community as well as Nick Gammon (of MushClient fame) in doing this and I appreciate their willingness to share. Our quest system is a variation ...

    Updated May 7th, 2012 at 06:29 PM by Natilena (forgot my legal stuff!! good heavens!)

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  3. Happy New Year!

    Wow, October since I last posted. Well I guess I never promised REGULAR updates! The time leading up to the winter holidays always tends to be overly busy, I'll blame that.

    It's been over a year now since v5 was announced and work is still ongoing. Quite a bit of small stuff has already been completed and lots of design work done. In a lot of ways v5 has become smaller over this past year. We’ve taken certain features and set them aside for a later update because there were ...
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  4. Progress is a Shiny and Golden Happy Thing!

    First, I've noticed this blog thing doesn't seem to be overly interactive! If you have thoughts on my thoughts feel free to let me know!

    Busy this week slaving for Bliss for her quest, not really too much else going on!

    Finally a breakthrough on some of the troubles I was having with integrating Lua. The trouble was mostly that script files weren't loading but there was no clue as to where or why or even how they were failing. With a little more research I figured ...
    v5 , Questy Goodness
  5. Glorious bits of string cheese from the sky...

    While it’s been quite an eventful week I certainly haven't been productive, and the week is almost over! I managed to do a proof of concept on my quest idea; the code already supports what I need it to do so looks this project shall move forward. Oh yeah and the creative... hrm... aha! I’ve recruited Cordir to help, what this means is the quest might actually happen sometime before next year. She’s an asset and has helped bring these ideas of mine to fruition many times now. Which is good ...
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