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  1. Cordir's Avatar
    Unfortunately, if one attempts to completely removed the MXP clickable links in CMUD, you get something that looks like this: [Exits: <send>north</send> <send>east</send> <send>south</send> <send>down</send>]. Would it be possible to make MXP clickable links something that is toggleable in Config?
  2. kaern's Avatar
    I know this post is from a while back but to see these ideas percolating is so cool. that would be so awesome if there were a way to jump into a quick tfc quest, even as a newcomer, and do something fun for 5-10 minutes while possibly whetting one's appetite to explore more about the game and realm. not sure what that would look like though.
  3. kaern's Avatar
    wow great stuff. the magic.jpg is a dupe of the fighter.jpg though!
  4. Aoide's Avatar
    Awesome! The colors sound great and scary...there is something headache-inducing about the rainbow puke.
  5. ink's Avatar
    You should contact Mutex. He is a mudlet pro and always seems to be looking for another project

    Very cool stuff Nati!
  6. kaern's Avatar
    great work!
  7. boromir's Avatar
    MXP and colors? cool!!! not so sure about MSDP .. then again I've not read anything about it ...

    currently running zmud 7.21 :-)
  8. Ghazkull's Avatar
    That's cool!
  9. boromir's Avatar
    Cool !!!!!

    Rock on!!!
  10. Strad's Avatar
    Nati ROCKS
  11. Tynian's Avatar
    That's pretty darned cool.
  12. Sagan's Avatar
    This is looking really good.
  13. boromir's Avatar
    Thanks for all your help on the quest!!!
  14. Cordir's Avatar
    Thank you, Nati, for all that you do.
  15. ink's Avatar
    What?! You can respond to these? Ink was here.

    (Oh, and thanks for your hard work Nati!)
  16. Strad's Avatar
    Nati, you rock! Much appreciated on the update, and hope ya'll are over your tag-along sickness!
  17. Natilena's Avatar
    That's where I'm at as well, a lot of pondering no clear plan yet! Thanks for your thoughts!
  18. Aoide's Avatar
    I've been thinking about this a lot...both the starting area woes and the idea of a tfc Facebook app. I wonder if a smartphone app would have a place too. I don't see playing the game necessarily, but what about a quest for gold. Again, I haven't thought the idea through more than just musing. Also, is there a way to make a forums app or mobile site? I'm doing all of this on my phone as we speak, and I don't think I'm alone in using my phone to stay connected to the mud during working hours. Note to self: save long posts for a real keyboard.

    Thanks for all the hard work and updates!
  19. Natilena's Avatar
    I used to have the same set up you describe Soloban but in ZMud back when I was mortal. Its incredibly helpful! Mudlet and Mush Client both have the same type of features as well i just haven't spent the time to learn any of it!
  20. Eathor's Avatar
    Wow, numbers are up even without my huge amount of playing time! *snicker* Just think how high we'll get with me online 5 hours a day come this fall. *chuckle*

    On a more productive note, I would agree that younger folks probably get bogged down in camp tolanrael right now with the huge ammounts of starting information that it starts with.....perhaps there could be a way to restructure the zone to have a little more death and destruction in the first couple rooms, and intersperce the knowledge in between killings....the way games are now adays, you almost immediately are killing things and you learn as you go....(other online games, xbox, playstation, etc....they don't even have instruction booklets anymore really, just a "GO")

    That Atlantis thing is interesting....I've never heard of it, and didn't know there was a program out there that could do what you are saying....I'm going to have to check it out I guess.

    Nati, your work on improving the mud and improving the population is well appreciated!!!
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