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  1. The Birds and the Bees of Quests (aka Mommy? Where do Quests come from?)

    I'll admit first that I did have a different post typed up a few days ago but the forum software must not have liked what I had to say because it decided to lose it all. NOW, possibly, maybe it might have been somewhat if my own fault but I'll feel better if I can blame the forums themselves. The grumpiness has faded a little so we'll give this another try.

    I've gotten myself temporarily derailed from v5 thinking at the moment. I've become obsessed with the little gem of an idea ...
    Pondering , Questy Goodness
  2. There shall be posts here!

    I started thinking that we have this lovely blog functionality here and it gets used very infrequently. What could I do to maybe get some use out of it? Well.. how about making a blog!

    What I hope from this space is to maybe get a little information and knowledge out there about what is happening behind the scenes and what the staff is thinking or working on. I'm not promising too much because its been a long time since I forced myself to commit to a blog but I feel there's a ...
  3. This Blog Thing...


    Wonder what happens if I hit post!
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