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May 22nd, 2007, 10:01 AM
im not sure if its supposed to work this way, when a thieving mob steals some of my gold and i kill the mob, i dont get back the same amount of gold i had before...or is it just some kind of penealty for them stealing the gold?

<137hp(278) 176ma(303) 181mv(5436) 1596gp ft: none > e
A Small Home
[Exits: west]
You stand in a small one room home. The floor is dirt and the furniture is
scarce. Certainly no one of wealth lives here.
A minotaur child walks here.

<137hp(278) 176ma(303) 179mv(5436) 1596gp ft: none > c id fur
You lost your concentration.

<137hp(278) 170ma(303) 179mv(5436) 1596gp ft: none > k ch
Your pierce decimates a minotaur child!
A minotaur child is DEAD!!
You receive 0 experience points.
You hear a minotaur child's death cry.
You get 173 gold coins from the corpse of a minotaur child.
The corpse of a minotaur child contains:

<137hp(278) 170ma(303) 179mv(5436) 1594gp ft: none > c id fur

Anonymous Mammal
May 22nd, 2007, 07:14 PM
That's the way they work by design. Supposedly, they're supposed to deposit a portion of the stolen gold into the economy, but I'm not sure if they do that or not.