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July 13th, 2010, 11:27 AM
To react in character, you have to have a good idea of WHO your character is. Here's some general suggestions and ideas on developing a character history.

- Do you have a favorite character from a book or movie? What specific elements of the character do you like? It's not generally a good idea to simply say, "I am such and such a fictional character" -- instead, take inspiration from them and build your own creation.

- Think about your character's basic components: gender, class, race, their home town. These few elements can prompt a host of questions to help you flesh out your character. What would life have been like for them growing up? What challenges might they have faced in their life? Did they overcome those challenges, or were they scarred by the experiences? A good example of this is the game, "Fable" -- in which every decision and choice affects your future. Think about it in those terms - what core choices might your character have made, that affected them in the long term. Did they steal that apple in the market? Or did they help a stranger, only to have it turn for the worse? Did they find inspiration and an example to follow in someone noble or holy?

- Think about the other mud structure, such as alignment. Go beyond the stereotypical Disneyesque definitions of "Good" and "Evil" - how does your character interpret these things? Does the end always justify the means? What is your character's general outlook on life? Embittered? Happy Go Lucky? Curious?

Not sure how to start writing a character history? Start at the beginning with the core questions: Who, What, Where, When, How.

Who: Who are you? The son of a rich merchant? The daughter of a beggar? Who are your parents? Do you have brothers / sisters? A small or large family? What is your social station or level of affluence/wealth?

What: What are you? What's your race and class? How did you become that class - what lead you to it?

Where: What continent / town are you from? What other places drew you away from home?

When: Give time frame - childhood, early adulthood, independance from the structures that governed you as a youth, etc.

How: How did you become the person you are? What were the influences on you? What did you overcome or fall to that shaped you?

Here's an example: (Please don't use this specific history as written.)

Shey was born in the gutters of Midgaard, the fourth child of a part time beggar, part time prostitute, and the only one to live past her sixth birthday. Life was an endless stream of cold and hunger. The brutality of the guards, run ins with 'adventurers' only passing through, gave her a deep sense of distrust of authority and strangers. Her deft fingers helped keep small scraps of food on the makeshift table, but also got her into trouble time and again. Her mother fell ill of the pox when she was just twelve, and Shey was forced to take her mother's place, working for a hardened criminal named Keldern, earning tribute - whether by theivery or on her back, he didn't care.

The turning point in her life came when she cut the purse of a tall, slender elf. No one, she thought, of consequence or importance. He seemed to blend into the crowd, and didn't stand out in any way. But she'd seen the route he took through the city, and the coins concealed about his person. The purse was largely a decoy, she knew, but there was real gold in it, too. His hand caught at hers as her knife sliced neatly through the leather thongs hanging from his belt, and she was immediately disarmed and held up against the stone wall of the alleyway.

He gave her a choice: leave Keldern and come work for him, or die. It seemed a pretty simple decision - and so began her formal apprenticeship in the Guild of Thieves. Westin taught her slight of hand, misdirection and all of the skills she needed for her craft. In less than a year, she could slip the purse from a guardsman at his post, with the brute none the wiser.

But life on the streets was hard, and when the rival criminal gangs clashed, as they were wont to do, her new mentor was killed. She took the opportunity to strike out on her own. Independance is hard for a woman on the streets, and Shey does not trust easily. Her childhood left her with a deep hatred of the Guard, and whenever she is given the opportunity, they are her favored targets for theft or murder for hire. While she has not given oath to any of the gods, she acknowledges their power and gives their holy places a wide berth.

Once more, Shey does what she must to put food on the table - hiring out to help adventurerers, gathers proof of infidelities, robs the occaisional merchant... the job doesn't matter - only the result.

July 15th, 2010, 08:32 AM
Some more thoughts:

- It can be fun to tie your history to other players ... but be sure and ASK THEM FIRST. Especially if it's a blood relationship.

- It can be fun to tie your history to existing and interesting mobs -- there are characters who RP that they are the son of Magda of the Half Elf Camp, children of Ebencaleneezer (The King of the Demon Realm), of the Mistress of Magic, etc.

- Allow your character to grow. Starting off humble(*) and "learning" more about your history as you gain levels can be a neat way to keep your character interesting. Starting off as a level 3 Demon Lord of Vampires and Ruler of The Night will simply make others think you're a metagamer / godgamer, and they may not want to interact with you. Maybe save that "awakening into the Rulership of Darkness" for when you hit 30+, so folks won't giggle. :)

- If you pick a specific home town, and it has a residential area, pick one of them to be your 'home'.. and treat it that way. Molo kept a house in the old/original version of Ofcol, and would harass and attack anyone who entered "his" house. It made for a great and subtle form of RP. Cordir had a specific place in the Elven Homestead that she would meet her partner - it later became the basis for my office when I reached Lesser Goddess.

* No, not the character. He might get grumpy. ;)

July 15th, 2010, 09:24 AM
I see Anduin has been staying glued to these posts... I hope he is able to find his inner muse.

You can do it Anduin!! *hugs*

July 15th, 2010, 11:47 PM
hehe, gotta mark stuff off my what's new? list. I can appreciate the work Cordir's putting into the posts though.

November 15th, 2011, 08:04 AM
I am hereby announcing a writing contest.

When: Starts Now. Ends November 26th.
How: Entries should be posted to this thread.
What: Entries should consist of a written character history, in any form - prose, journal entries, 1st or 3rd person stories, etc. There is a MINIMUM entry size requirement of 500 words. Yes, spelling, punctuation and grammar are important, but will be overlooked for a REALLY good story. Catch my interest and I won't care about your missspelinz.
Why: because I damned well feel like it. :) *
Prize: A prize will be given for the top three entries. Additionally, I will add the entries to the wiki page of those who enter. If that person doesn't have a wiki page, I will build one for them.

Other notes: As always, entries will be judged solely by me, and the winner(s) are at my discretion and whim.

* (BIS: Bored Immortal Syndrome)

November 21st, 2011, 12:03 PM
As of today, no entries have been received in this contest.

November 23rd, 2011, 05:14 AM
To Clarify: This contest is open to ANYONE to enter. Not just newbies, not just RP newbies. ANYONE.

November 23rd, 2011, 11:10 AM
My character history:

The Maid’s Diary
We spent five days on the rocks before they came, the ship cracked open like a rotten oyster. Our noble Captain and the handsome Lieutenant Kendell worked tirelessly in an effort to bring her safely off the reef, however their efforts were all for naught. We were attacked just prior to our moment of triumph, the pirates swarming aboard in the cover of darkness. They must have seen our night fires. Knowing these waters far better than us, they had understood our predicament and must have relished the opportunity to take such a prize.

Within minutes, much of the crew was dead, including our Captain, and his beautiful wife, my Mistress. She had always treated me well, and I would like to think I had become more than a simple maid servant to her. I would have gladly died in her place. The pirates, unfortunately, had other plans for me.

I was taken aboard their ship, along with a young Elven boy whose name I never learned. How he had come to be on our ship, I know not. I had only seen glimpses of him during our first bright days of sailing, fetching water for the crew, or scrubbing the copper pots in the mess. Perhaps his family had sent him to sea, as is so often done with young lads whose family is without means. When I had asked Lieutenant Kendell about him, I was taken aback by his reply: “Why the Captain agreed to take on that pale little worm, I can’t fathom. He belongs on an Elfish ship with his own kind, not with us.” Then he spat on the deck, showing his true colors, and erasing any understanding that had come between us.

I was shown uncommon courtesy by the pirates, especially by the brutish Captain Vahzlune. Later I learned of the reason, but at the time I was pleasantly surprised. I can’t say they treated the boy the same. Imagine my shock to see one such as his youth bound and shackled to the mizzen mast, and left to the elements. I pleaded with the Captain to release him, but he would have nothing of it. I resolved to do what I could for the boy, despite my own circumstances.

It quickly became apparent the reason I was afforded such courtesy from the crew: their Captain had tired of his pleasure slaves and was in search of a young virgin wife. Ha! The very idea was laughable - my maidenhood had long since been lost, and the Captain was a vile demon, without honor or any other redeeming qualities. Still, I knew what game I must play in order to remain safe from the hands of the pirate crew.

The days passed in smooth sailing across the vast sea and into strange, maroon tinted waters. With each passing mile the boy's treatment worsened, and yet I was powerless to help him. The crew berated and beat the boy almost incessantly during the day, and I am certain did more unspeakable things to him at night. The breaking point came when I found him stuffed neck deep in a barrel of rotting and putrid squid that had been left out on the deck for weeks. More physical pain he had endured, but this torture was too much. The blank look on his face and his complete unresponsiveness sent me into a rage. I angrily confronted Captain Vahzlune and demanded his release, to which he icily replied "My Dear, if your feelings for this boy are so strong, I shall certainly release you both." I needed no more hint of his evil intent than the ever so slight smile that crossed his face. I have managed to secure a small dagger and am resolved to escape with the boy at the earliest opportunity. I only hope I have not sacrificed my position with the Captain in my zeal to protect the boy.

The Captain's Log
Clear sailing, SSE. Wind, due east. Uncommonly warm and cloudless. No sight of other sails for many weeks. Water, rations, rum all in good stead. Three crew members tortured and flogged at the grate for drunkenness. Two perished, and one soon shall. Three bodies given up to the deep, including the young maid servant taken from the trading ship. She was not who she appeared to be, and I now bear two deep scars to show for it. I expect to reach the Outland Frontier in a fortnight. There I am sure to find a purchaser of our cargo. Perhaps of slaves as well.

The Journal of Dr. Sotto, Chief Barbegazi Scientist
Day of Discovery
At last, after months, no years of searching I have found an appropriate subject for my work! Last night I received word from my agents in the upWorld that a ship has entered the bay with goods to trade, along with a special cargo: an Elven boy, still too young to have acquired the tattoos customarily given to adolescents of his kind as part of their rites of passage. Blessed be the Lord Barbegazi and His infinite grace! I must quickly make arrangements to purchase the boy and have him brought to my laboratory here in the Great Temple. Secrecy is the key. Although my work is sanctioned by Our Lord, perhaps my methods would be frowned upon.

Day of Delivery
The young boy has been brought to me and sits, at this very moment, motionless as a statue in my office. My fortune has been even greater than I had hoped, since he appears to suffer from some mental retardation that has left him nearly catatonic, and unresponsive to pain or discomfort of any kind. That will serve us both well in the days to come, for the nature of my work requires a...willing subject.

Day of Disruption
No magic, no spells, no alchemy. My work is not of this kind. Mine is of a more "biological" nature. Today, after years of research, and countless days spent in preparation I am finally ready to prove my theories in the honor of Lord Barbegazi and his glorious kingdom! Long have I extolled the wonders and virtues of the Ocean world, particularly the incredible creatures that live within. The nimble and intelligent dolphin, who swims so effortlessly and streamlined; the ferocious, and single-minded shark, who cruises tirelessly in search of prey; and the fascinating Cuttlefish, the focus of my research, with its unique chameleon-like ability to instantly change shape, size, and color.

It is from the living skin and sepia ink of this amazing creature that I have created a dye of indescribable potential. Once injected into the skin of a select group of Elite Barbegazi Priests, the eyes and ears of our Lord Barbegazi shall be extended at will into the upWorld, helping to secure our home and protect us from the malignant races above. To test and verify its qualities, I shall first inject it into the skin of my young Elf, tattooing his body with it from head to toe, as shall need be done to the brave Priests. I must remember not to forget his corneas.

Day of Despair
Somehow, I have miscalculated and my experiment has gone awry. Although I successfully completed the operation, and my precious elixir has been embedded deeply and permanently into the skin of my young Elf, he does not appear to have any control over the colors and images that now flash and pulsate randomly across his body. I can only assume that this is due to his reduced mental state. I should have anticipated this. The weakness of his race is a well-known fact. Had he been of strong Barbegazi stock, the results would have undoubtedly been better. All is not lost, however. I shall pickle the boy and save him for future dissection.

An infinity of painful pin pricks. That is what I recall as my first real memory. Before that, only glimpses of the sea, a kind and beautiful face, and a horrible stench. My second real memory is much more vivid, and I often return to it fondly. It is of my tentacles wrapped around the scrawny neck of my tormentor. My unblinking eyes stared into his bulging ones, and I knew that his death was my moment of birth. I tossed his body aside like so much flotsam.

Taking in my surroundings, I realized I was deep underground, in a room expertly carved out of rock. It was furnished with tables upon which stood any number of glass tanks, tubes, and books. I bent to look into one of the tanks and saw an odd little creature staring back at me, its skin changing colors quickly and effortlessly, until finally it appeared to blend in with the sand, disappearing before my eyes.

I fled the room, somehow avoiding detection from the many gnomes that seemed to be roaming the stone corridors. Finding the exit to the surface was easy, and those few guards not sleeping were preoccupied with reading a strange little book. I managed to slip by unnoticed into an empty tavern above.

I remember the moon shining dimly through the windows, and the sound of snoring coming from one of the rooms above. Just then, a movement across the room startled me. I looked up and gasped. Before me, partially reflected in the Tavern window was the creature I had just seen in the tank! Metallic colors flashed across my skin. My arms and tentacles undulated like kelp. I ran.

That is what I saw. That is what I still see. What I was before I came to be in that place, I can't say. I only know what I had become.

The Truth Revealed
Many years have passed between now and that night in the empty tavern. My travels have taken me across the world, and I have seen many strange things. I have sought out an explanation for my appearance, and in so doing have acquired the knowledge of a powerful mage. I have stolen to stay alive, and thereby acquired the skills of a master thief. I have hunted to quench the fires of anger, and in so doing earned the trophies of a warrior. Although these actions have fed my hunger, none has satisfied my needs. Only one path has brought light to my life: the faith of Nashite.

My beginnings, my appearance, my ordeals, have all been preordained. The kind and beautiful face I see in my oldest memories can be of just one person: Lord Nash. It is but the first of several direct encounters with the Lord Nash that have revealed my true purpose: To forever praise Lord Nash, thereby drawing together all the souls of the land for the future destruction and recreation of the World, in cycles eternal.

I am Wish, the Cuttlefish. Foul Sepiod of the Black Conclave. Foul Sepiod of the Nashite Magi.

November 26th, 2011, 01:22 PM
The nomadic tribes of the Great Eastern Desert have warred among themselves for centuries. Theirs is a harsh land, and child mortality rates are high due to the encroachment of bandits, rival tribes, and, of course, the desert itself. Children are prized... so long as they fall within the tribal definition of 'normal'.

Samiyah, daughter of Rasul, was born into a clan of goat herders. Her life was a quiet one, spent helping with the herd. She looked like the other children of the clan, with her dusky skin, dark eyes and hair. She played as they did, making games of things found in the desert. She learned, as they did, to avoid the scorpions and to read the patterns of the wind that hinted at the deadly sand-storms. If Samiyah never lost track of a goat in the dusk of sundown, or could whisper lullabies to calm the most fractious of children, it was not of particular notice. Girls were expected to do such things.

It was on the eve of her twelfth birthday that Samiyah's difference was discovered. It had been a difficult day, with a sand cat attack that morning. One of the younglings of the camp had been seriously injured at one of the more distant grazing grounds, and Samiyah was sent on the dangerous trek to the well for more water. Already tired and weary, she travelled a short distance out of camp and began to sing. She had realized, years before, that sometimes, if she sang just the _right_ song, that wonderful things would happen. Instinctively, she had known that this was a secret she needed to keep to herself. Protected from view by a large dune, she crouched in its shadow, dug a small hole and sang the bright, bubbling song that called forth water in a spring. It was her most sacred and magical song. Because they were so deep in the desert, it took several repetitions for the water to be called up, but finally, it filled the tiny basin se had created. She quenched her thirst, then filled each of the heavy camel-bladders with the crystal clear water.

Upon turning to head back to camp, she saw the horrified look of the tribal shaman, staring down at her from atop the dune. She was dragged back to the camp, and the 'magic-tainted' water dumped out so as not to curse any who might drink it. Samiyah was given over to the women, for careful watching. The Council met that night.

The dawn of the next day, Samiyah was stealthily awoken by her mother's harsh whisper. "You must come quickly, child. We must go." The two hurried out into the desert, not another word spoken. It was only when they were well away from the camp that Zahra broke her silence once more.

"You have a gift. They will tell you it is of the unclean spirits, but it is a gift." Zahra looked proudly down at her daughter, one hand cupping the girl's cheek. "Seek your songs. Sing with beauty and pride. And never, ever, let them tell you that it is wrong!" Her mother's words were emphatic, startling Samiyah into tears. "Now go! They will be after you when they find you gone. Seek the pathway through the hills. And may you ever have shade and sweet water, my beloved girl. Blessings upon you."

Zahra began to sing. Zahra, who never raised her voice at the campfire, who was mocked for the grating tone of her words. Voice uplifted in exquisite song, she wove a spell of invisibility over her shocked daughter. "Go," she murmured, giving one last, gentle caress of Samiyah's cheek. As the girl stood staring, her mother turned and headed back towards the camp, another tune calling winds that obliterated their tracks.

Days later, hungry - but not thirsty - she staggered into a village of very small, furry-toed people. The village echoed with song, and following the noise, met a brightly garbed woman who trilled melody as she strode along the Bywater. "Hi! I'm Cadee! I thought I heard another singer!" The girl took Samiyah's hand, pulling her along, talking excitedly all the while. "You must be from the desert, dressed like that. Well. The world's a lot bigger than the dunes, that's for sure! C'mon! I have so many things to show you!" ... And off they went.

November 26th, 2011, 02:00 PM
As she rests by the crumbling breakwater, the twinkling star’s reflection in the water causes Flora to think back many years, to Cearn the 27th, The Fool's Errand, 10 am. It almost feels like it was yesterday – holding the newborn baby girl while her mistress slept in the next room. She smiled, thinking back to the cherub, a golden curl already had formed on the top of the baby’s head which could not help being twirled by anyone nearby. The master of the house, a wealthy merchant, prepared to leave on business for several weeks, but entrusted Flora and the rest of the staff with the care of his wife and newborn daughter, Lexie. “I will protect them with my life, Sir,” Flora remembers saying, as the master said his goodbyes to the family and staff.

A cloud passes overhead, and the reflection in the water disappears. Flora’s mind wanders again - six years later, to Dreade the 23rd, The Thawing Ice, 3pm. Flora found herself holding another newborn for her mistress and master: Lexie’s brother, Dun. Things were different now. Fearing for his family’s safety, Flora’s master had brought his pregnant wife, small child, and core staff, to a Halfling village far from their wealthy Human town. The village’s doctor, Shye, hid the family in a small home near the banks of the In’zerre. They needed to stay hidden, for the merchant had unwittingly discovered some of the most rare jewels, weapons, and equipment on a decaying corpse. Rumors of the find spread within the Thieves’ Guild. Flora sighs as she thinks back to the dark days that followed. She had been training Lexie in the ways of the thief since Lexie could barely walk. But Flora knew the little girl would need mage and warrior skills now.

So just a few weeks after Dun’s birth, Flora took the two children on their daily walk to the village. She introduced Lexie to the divine warrior. But while in his training room, Flora received the most dreadful news: ### A merchant of Kuroth killed by someone at the Banks of the In’zerre ###, followed seconds later by: ### The wife of a merchant killed by someone at a Small Home ###! The divine warrior guarded the trio as they quickly made their way to Shye’s office. Shye gave Flora a pouch of gold and jewels the merchant had given him weeks before, for just such an event, along with a note:

Flora, the gold and gems should maintain you, Lexie, and her brother or sister, for a lifetime. Keep up their training, be strict with Lexie. I know she can be stubborn, stomps her feet quite a bit, and shouts that silly, “GIRL POWER,” but as you know, she has a good heart. She knows where the treasures are hidden when the time is right. You have my eternal gratitude, Your Master

Tears fill her eyes as Flora remembers that letter. She stands abruptly, and under the full moonlit sky, walks barefoot along a sandy beach. Flora thinks of the mages in the Lineaoth Mines. She had rushed the children to the mages and priests deep within the mines, who grudgingly agreed to keep the trio safe with obscurity spells and wards of protection. Lexie and Dun could practice their mage abilities there, and their warrior/thief/thug skills in the dwarven camp. But Flora was saddened that the children would now be forced to live in the shadows, no longer able to walk peacefully, rarely seeing sunlight. The darkness seemed to comfort the children, however, and with her bubbly personality, Lexie quickly made friends with the dwarven children in the camp. As she grew older, Lexie befriended a dwarf named Zahar. Flora did not approve of the hot-headed dwarf, but as a shaman he could offer Lexie protection that Flora could not. Zahar swore to protect Lexie and her brother with his life, and so he did for several years. When Zahar left on a long journey, Flora knew it broke Lexie’s heart. But Flora insisted Lexie stay within the safety of the valley and continue her training. Lexie started sneaking out of the mines, much to Flora’s consternation and dismay. She discovered that Lexie had been meeting secretly with the immortal Kim, who planned on becoming an evil Demigoddess. While it worried Flora, it also granted her some relief, knowing Lexie would be protected and Flora could focus her attentions on keeping Dun in line. He had harbored extreme resentment toward those still unknown persons that killed his parents, and seemed hell-bent on finding them, putting them all at great risk…

Flora stops when she spots a perfectly-shaped clam. She uses her dagger to open it and finds a beautiful grey pearl inside, a silvery sheen to it… Almost like the sheen of a thief’s dagger – Lexie’s first dagger. Lexie, with her long, golden tresses, and sparkling deep blue eyes, was certainly deceptive at first glance. One would hardly think she was an expert thief. Flora was so proud of Lexie’s accomplishments, but at the same time, worried that the attention Lexie received would alert those that still hunted her and her brother. Flora remembers how excited Lexie was, worshiping Kim and learning new mage and warrior skills weekly. It was there that Lexie met the handsome Triston, also a mage, warrior, thief. His reputation preceded him, however, as an incredible flirt! Flora was more than a little concerned for her beloved brat, Lexie. Yet, Triston took very good care of his “Blue Eyes,” as she never died in his presence - to mortals, anyway. Flora smiled to herself as she remembered the countless times Lexie got into trouble with invisible immortals.

When Kim retired, Lexie followed Triston to the Darkness and Kerriariadne - how fitting for one who grew up in the darkness of mines in order to survive, thought Flora. Lately, she had spent less and less time worrying about Lexie, and more time just visiting with her at the Café in the Gardens. Lexie loved the croissants there and Flora enjoyed seeing her little Lexie out in the sunshine once again. Their discussions inevitably turned to Lexie’s brother, Dun. He was straying along a malevolent path, still filled with rage and revenge. Lexie said she tried to speak with Dun many times about letting go of the hate, but it was as if he was in a trance of some sort. Lexie implored Flora to keep him safe, and she assured the concerned sister that he was. But truthfully, Flora had lost track of the boy’s whereabouts a few weeks beforehand. Flora reminded Lexie it was a time for celebration, as both she and Triston reached maximum levels in all three classes: mage, warrior, and thief. Flora was thrilled, as they could finally wed and Lexie could recover the treasures her father left hidden many years ago.

Returning to the crumbling breakwater, Flora rests upon a boulder, her gaze once again fixed on the inky blackness of the ocean. Flora’s mind wanders back to Triston’s absence. She hadn’t seen Lexie so upset, ever, and there was little Flora could do to cheer her up. She suggested Lexie try more of the quests in the realm, and it seemed to distract the girl, bringing out her competitive spirit. The Ironwolf clan took a special interest in Lexie, offering their protection as both friends and allies as she raced around the realm on various quest tasks. Flora was quite pleased also with the friends Lexie had made in Darkness and Fate: Indiga, Selune, and DarkClaw. Flora recalls the group shouting, “GIRL POWER!” over … and over. Oh, and who could forget Lexie’s visits to the Preacher’s mobile confessional, though his sermons and sacraments of penance rarely did any good when it came to her. Ahh, those were the days, indeed, thought Flora. Lexie was happy again, and that made Flora happy.

The twinkling water laps against the rocks at Flora’s feet. The stars above shine brightly, and Flora’s jeweled dagger sparkles as she scrapes barnacles off the surrounding stones. Lexie’s eyes sparkled as brightly as those stars overhead when she told Flora the wonderful news she and Vex Ironwolf, the Grim Warder, were getting married. Lexie had recovered the treasured items several days before and was now wearing the full set. There was little Lexie feared now, but Flora still feared for the girl’s safety. She kept in daily contact with Lexie, worried that she had those ancient treasures on full display, notwithstanding Vex’s vigilance. Lexie was always oblivious to danger, especially at this time.

An enormous griffon overhead blocks out the moon and stars – Flora hides between the larger boulders. Total darkness now. Total darkness then… the day Lexie literally vanished without a trace. Vex went in search for her, and he too vanished without a trace. It was a devastating blow to both Flora and Dun. They spent years searching for the pair, to no avail. Suddenly, Vex re-appeared, but still no Lexie. He left again to search for her and this time brought her back, barely alive, completely naked, and no memory of what had happened. The treasured items her father gave her were all gone, but at least she was alive! Flora’s eyes welled up with tears when she saw the pale, bony young woman - a ghost of her former self. She, Vex, and Dun slowly nursed Lexie back to health at Flora’s secret ocean side bungalow. Physically she recovered, but even today Flora catches Lexie looking out toward the ocean with a look of terror in her eyes. Her night watch almost over, Flora waits for Dun U’in, Fearless Mage of the Nashite Magi, to wake up and begin his rounds. Whatever took his sister Lexie is still out there, and still hunting her. Later, the Grim Warder will take over the watch. Flora will make sure that Lexie is never lost again.

November 26th, 2011, 02:37 PM
Marisa’s ghost: Editor’s note: The following is a transcript of the only known interview with Eathor the Crimson Ninja Bard of the Nashite Magi.

Marisa’s ghost: So, Eathor, I’m glad you agreed to meet with me today. I hope that we will both be able to learn something about each other, and perhaps even gain some insight into what it takes to be an Ogre Bard, eh? Now, why don’t we get started with something relatively easy: Where did you come from?

Eathor: Where did I come from? Why would you ask that?

Marisa’s ghost: People are interested in where we are from! They want to try to find commonalities between themselves and the subjects of my interviews! Why wouldn’t I ask that? Is there a problem? Do you not like talking about your past?

Eathor: No, I generally don’t talk about it. Why would I talk about it with you?

Marisa’s ghost: Hey, come on now. You are the one who agreed to meet with me. You obviously knew what this was going to be about. Don’t you think the Realm wishes to know more about such a famous Ogre? Shouldn’t it be reason enough to talk about it to spread the knowledge that not all Ogres are barbaric morons?

Eathor: Heh, no, I don’t think that’s a good enough reason.

Marisa’s ghost: Fine then. Fine. How about we talk about your exploits? All your travels through the realm, your mobhunts, mobmasteries, location quests, etc?

Eathor: Are you serious? No, I’m not going to talk about that either.

Marisa’s ghost: Why did you agree to meet with me if you weren’t going to talk about anything!??!

Eathor: You really are going to press this issue, aren’t you? OK, fine, I’ll tell you a little something about me. What exactly do you want to know? Be specific, I don’t have time to ramble on to your open ended questions.

Marisa’s ghost: I thought I already asked you a specific question: Where are you from?

Eathor: Persistent, aren’t you? Fine, I’m from Og.

Marisa’s ghost: That’s it, you’re from Og? Ok….so were you born in Og? Did you grow up in Og? Do you still live in Og? Come on, Eathor! Readers want to know!

Eathor: All this talk of Og…an interesting place, Og….years ago….well, years ago, it didn’t exactly look like it looks now…it was more…barbaric. We have huts now you know? Real huts! I mean…roofs over the children’s heads. We have a well! Have you seen the well! And don’t believe the rumors, it is safe to drink. I drink from it all the time, and look at me! Fit as a fiddle….yes, I tell you, growing up in Og was a different thing than the kids have it today. I mean, we didn’t even have a garbage heap when I was growing up! Just refuse strewn throughout the “town” (if you could even call it a town back then)…

Marisa’s ghost: That is wonderful! Tell me more about “old” Og?

Eathor: Well, like I said, it was different. I mean, the way I grew up…you wouldn’t put kids through that these days. I was little. I mean, I’m big now…obviously…but I’m little for an Ogre…and I was really little for an Ogre kid. I guess…well, I guess I got picked on. I used to have to do what all the older kids wanted me to do…well, or they’d hurt me. I mean, let’s just say I was sitting down to enjoy a nice jar of pickled elf ears (one of my favorite treats, by the way!), and some other kid came along. Well, obviously I wasn’t going to get to enjoy those ears! He’d just take them, and then he’d hit me, and I’d start bleeding, and fall down, and then I’d start getting kic…well now! Listen to me ramble, you didn’t ask about me, you asked about “old” Og, eh?

Marisa’s ghost: No no! That was excellent stuff there, really great . Please, feel free to continue your story.

Eathor: No, I think that’s enough talk about my childhood in Og….let’s talk about something else.

Marisa’s ghost: Your childhood in Og? You seem to be implying that you didn’t always live in Og? Where else did you live?

Eathor: Where else? Why Safehaven of course!

Marisa’s ghost: Safehaven?! How did an ogre child from Og end up in Safehaven? That’s a completely different continent!

Eathor: How? Why…I ran away, of course.

Marisa’s ghost: Really? That’s very interesting! How old were you? Tell me about it?

Eathor: There you go with those open ended questions again….what did I tell you? Well….anyway, I was 8 years old…not even half the size I am now! (hehe) and eager to be away from …well…anyway. I was off to see the world, I was! I left Og, and headed south. It was a few days trip for me before I found anything interesting….and then, all of a sudden, there was Bob! Right there on the beach.

Marisa’s ghost: Bob? From the Bait ‘n Boat Shop?

Eathor: Exactly the one! Bob is one of my oldest and dearest friends…almost a father to me, really…probably as much of a father as anyone. He found me, half-dead and starving, and took me in. Of course, it didn’t take long before I was eating him out of well, shop and home, heh. The Innkeeper across the way really helped out quite a bit….oddly enough, I don’t even remember his name…anyway, after a couple months, Bob decided he couldn’t just raise me right there on the beach, so he set me up with the ship’s porter, and I took a voyage! Was a pretty interesting ride, I tell you! Most of the passengers didn’t take too well to a young ogre (after a few months with Bob, I wasn’t really so little anymore…at least not compared to you humans! Haha!) living with them shipboard. Anyway, one thing led to another, and Safehaven was my new home! Well, Bob has a friend in Safehaven, Piscador, and he sorta watched out for me for the next couple years. At least, until I was able to take care of myself, which I guess I’ve been doing since I was about 11!

Marisa’s ghost: Piscador?! The fishing supply guy? Well, makes sense I guess that he and Bob would be friends….so how did you go from being raised by fishermen to being a bard, though?

Eathor: Well, I guess it was probably Piscador that got me going on telling stories. He was always sitting around listening to the fishermen talk about the huge catches they just missed, and how they were *this* close

(Eathor holds his fingers an inch apart)

Eathor: to catching the monster of the century. How many times I’ve heard of a guy “almost” catching the Great White, or heh, I remember one guy even saying he almost killed the Tempest! Hah, right, the Tempest….

(Eathor shakes his head slowly)

Eathor: Anyway, Piscador would always talk about how much he enjoyed listening to these stories about the one that got away. Well, when the shop was slow, he’d ask me to tell him a story. And I tell you what, the more wild and crazy the story was, the more Piscador liked it! So I guess I just sort of grew into it….telling stories to keep Piscador smiling, and well…traveling like I did shipboard…it just sorta made sense after a while. What else is someone going to do who likes to travel and tell stories?

Marisa’s ghost: That is amazing! What else did you do in Safehaven?

Eathor: No no….no more of those open ended questions, you got me on the last one, but I think that’s about it.

Marisa’s ghost: Ok, ok, no more. Where did you move after Safehaven?

Eathor: Actually, I think that’s about all we’re going to discuss today. Maybe we’ll talk again another time…goodbye.

Marisa’s ghost: Editor’s note: At this point in the interview, Eathor simply got up and walked away. I have yet to receive a response to my many requests for a follow-on interview. Perhaps the world will never know any more of the history of this famous Ogre….

November 26th, 2011, 04:28 PM
On 10th of Jawiliea, Flora was making her daily rounds in the Lineaoth Mines when a dwarven traveler came running through the mines screaming for Flora. As she noticed him, his travelers cloak was battle ripped and still smoldering. He stepped in close and handed her something while whispering,’ I am sorry Ma’am’. He turned and raced out of the mines then vanished from Flora’s view. She looked down to see what the traveler had given her, to her surprise it was Dun’s journal. Immediately she began to tear up then turned heading towards her living quarters with her head hung low looking at the book passing everyone without a word. Now in her quarters she sits on her reading stone and opens the book.

Lineaoth Mines:Entry one: My name is Dun. I have been studying the skills of Mage and Ranger, I was born on Dreade the 23rd, The Thawing Ice, 3pm. Me and Lexie, my big sister were moved to Lineaoth Mines after our mom and dad were murdered. Time for me to see one of the mages here for my training.

Entry two: Today I was late with my entry as I have trained vigorously on my Ranger skills. Flora is real upset with Lexie because she keeps running around with this boy named Zahar he is of the Shaman type. I hope Lexie talks to Flora about this.

Entry three: Learning Mage skills has been rough but I fairly enjoy them. With magic missile, shield, and invis under my belt I am really starting to feel like a real mage. Flora told me that Lexie is heart broken that Zahar decided to leave the mines on a great journey.

Entry four: It has been some time now since I last had an entry. Right now all hell has broken loose, Flora is raging mad at Lexie. Lexie keeps wandering out of the mines at night to talk to Kim who is planning on becoming an evil Demigoddess. I have also been studying the arts of Thug from this dwarven kid at school, I don’t think either of them has noticed since Lexie is being so wild.

Entry five: Training has been hard with my big sister gone, she ran off and joined with Kim and met this Triston guy. I hope she is happy with him even though I do truly miss her as does Flora, she been trying to help me through this time. It’s hard for me being the first time me and sister has been apart.

Entry six: I’ve learned everything I can at these mines. I have decided to take a journey of the Soul Search.

Flora wipes a tear from her eye as she remembers the past and turns the page.

Soul Searching

Entry one: After leaving the mines I came to Lineaoth Valley wandered around for a bit and found this thing called the Vortex and entered it. I did not know the nightmare that would be until I struggled for my life in there. When I finally landed it was a place called Ancient Cobblestone Road. I wandered South from there and found the White Forest.

Entry two: Today I found another dwarven village called Dwarven Hold it was nice but nothing like home. It was there that I found Lord Solaron, after talking with him for a while which then I decided to join him. Then I was Dun, Thug of Mafia.

Entry three: It has been many journeys since my last entry. All is well, this journey has brought me to a place called the Twisted Forest. Going to wander around some in here.

Entry four: Well it seems this place is really twisted I have lost all contact with Mafia and Solaron, not sure what’s going on or where I am. Crap, I have a whole army of large spiders coming for me.

Entry five: Killed the large army of spiders, then Lord Isolas found me. He offered his help and I greatly took it, we set off and he explained the ways of Magi to me.

Entry six: All is good I joined Magi and found more brothers and sisters.

Flora shakes her head as she turns to the next page.

A Less Evil Path
Entry one: Things didn’t work out at Magi. I set out for a new path, a less evil path.

Entry two: After many days of journeys I came across DarkClaw in my hometown of Kuroth. We sat and talked. I expressed my views as did she. Flora showed up to tell me information that my sister went missing, that no one has seen her in a very long time. I don’t know what happened but my whole body lifted off the ground, eyes turned the darkest shade of red that I have ever seen, fire burned from my fingertips, and then I faded from existence.

Flora was suddenly concerned there were no more entries, the rest of the book was blank. She left the Lineaoth Mines to go to her ocean side bungalow. A knock at the door had Flora spring up and fling it open.
To her surprise, Vex and I are carrying Lexie’s limp body. “She needs help,” says Vex. I hug Flora and take guard at the front door.

Dun U'in, Fearless Mage of the Nashite Magi.

November 26th, 2011, 05:53 PM
And our winners are.....

1st Place: Wish
2nd Place: Lexie
3rd Place: Eathor

Thank you to Hutt, Boromir and Lycron who helped with voting.

Would ALL participants please see me on mud for prizes?

November 26th, 2011, 06:35 PM
Gratz you 3!!!! job well done!

December 2nd, 2011, 07:32 AM
Hey, Dun! Please see me on mud.

December 7th, 2011, 07:52 AM
Hey, Dun, you haven't seen me on mud yet.

Also: Folks should check out Jaerith's history, added yesterday to his wiki page: http://wiki.tfcmud.com/index.php/Jaerith
It's pretty cool!