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  1. Expanding the Area Writer's Toolbox: A Case Study
  2. Question on weapon damage range
  3. Fireproof and fireshield
  4. Appendices for AWG
  5. Problem with mob resets
  6. A New Area Writer is here!
  7. Feedback on 0.1.1 of the java area writer
  8. Feedback for MAX stats on objects
  9. Writing an area
  10. Area Proposal: New Dwarven HT for Outland Frontier
  11. Testing of Thor's area editor
  12. Bugs and Suggestions for Thor's Area Writer go here
  13. weapon damage range
  14. The mobs who "bite"
  15. Area editor idea (as I was hijacked)
  16. Geographical location (response to Kylor's misinterpretation)
  17. Stalled New Area
  18. Connecting zones and global development....
  19. Things I have learned from my first tfc area ... (still learning !)
  20. My old project - Radenholme
  21. Area writing
  22. Old Accepted Area
  23. How to use Muditor on a Mac
  24. Installing and Setting up the DOSBOX and Muditor on a Windows 64-bit (x64) PC
  25. Current areas available for rewrite?
  26. A Reoccurring Error
  27. Level Flag
  28. Object Guidelines
  29. Containers inside containers
  30. The Apprentice's Workshop (an area editor)
  31. Populating Zones With Mobs
  32. Using the Apprentice's Workshop / Area Coordinator Review
  33. Spec_one Spell
  34. Act_On_Give
  35. Drow City